Postgraduate Forum - new look coming soon!


Hi all,

Our team have been working on giving the site a refresh for a while now and we're happy to announce that this new look will be coming very soon!


Hi there,
I am not sure if there is a place to give feedback on the new forum design, but I find that although it looks cleaner, it isn't as accessible as the last one. Unless I am missing something, you can't see whether someone replied to a thread and when (without actually going into the thread and scrolling down), whereas you could easily see at a glance with the old one.


Hi Tudor,

Thank you, all feedback is gladly welcomed and will be passed on to our IT team to look into.

However to try help with your point, all the latest responses to posts should appear in the order they were replied to as before :)


Thanks for your reply Lauren. The thing is, I (and I'm sure many others) normally quickly skim through, looking to the right of the screen, and can instantly see who last posted and when (without having to enter the thread). In other words, you can see if anyone replied yet, and if so who and when. If no one has, you don't bother revisiting the thread.

Also, it was nice when all the threads were listed in one area rather than having to click into different areas to see threads (or is there a way they can all be viewed in one place?) Frequent posters probably won't want to click in lots of different places to see if there's a new post they think they can help with / want to reply to.

The forum looks a lot cleaner and more modern, but it would be handy if tweaks could be made :-)

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I agree with Tudor_Queen, the new site looks good but we should be able to see if there has been a new post/reply without having to click on the individual sub-forum. It feels like the structure is trying to create 9-sub forums instead of one big one without the necessary user base.

Although I really do like this new look, the designer has done well. I think the new site needs some functionality/usability re-added but is this the right place to post this or will there be another thread or can we email someone?


Hi both!

I am very glad you both like it and I will pass any feedback on and you're more than welcome to leave your feedback in here. However, if there is more i will set up a new thread designated for feedback :)

Thank you!


So my immediate thoughts are that there is no need for separate sub forums. There aren't enough posts to warrant that and it will make the forum look emptier than it already is.
That needs urgently fixed. If you don't change this immediately, you'll kill the forum.
Until you start to get a lot of posts, you should strongly consider having a single repository.

Secondly, you want a "show new posts since you last logged in" button.

Looks nice though overall.
Apologies if I've duplicated the thoughts of others. In a rush..... :-D


Hi pm133, try this link which rewt suggested in another thread somewhere:

Thanks Lauren/IT - it's working better now!


Yep I missed that TQ.
That's what happens when I rush things.