Annotated Bibliography


I'm trying to write an annotated bibliography, has any one done one of these, who can help me with how many sources/what to include in it?


Hi Taramarie

I have done an annotated bibliography - for each entry you need to summarise its content, identify its critical/theoretical orientation, its argument (conclusions) and state in what ways it will help you in your project and what wont help i.e. its advantages and disadvantages in terms of assisting your project. Basically you need to state how and why this text is useful for your project. As to number of sources to use this is entirely based on the nature of your project, i did twelve for mine, but you should advice from your teachers about this and they should tell you. Good luck.


Ok thank you for that!


Up :-)

I have a more "formal" question about that one.

I have one due Wednesday morning. I've already done most of my homework, and I have most of it written down too, but so far I've followed examples found on the web that are presented in books order. My concern is, I am finding this very redundant, especially as I am to include mine in a year-plan of some kind, and some texts will be useful all year long for different points I have to make. Do you think I can rearrange it point by point instead?

I mean I would go from something like this:
"Text 1: This text blabla informs points 1, 3 and 6....
Text 2: this text ... informs points 2, 3 and 4..."
and so on.

To something like this:
"Point A: I will use texts 1, 2, 3 because...
Point B: I will use texts 2, 4, 5 ..."


Hi Taramarie,
I see that my response is somewhat belated, but I hope it will still help someone. I was writing my first annotated bibliography last week and I got to know plenty of interesting things about it. For example, it should use the third person and consist of complete sentences. More important details on style and format can be found here: