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Annotated Bibliography

Hi Taramarie

I have done an annotated bibliography - for each entry you need to summarise its content, identify its critical/theoretical orientation, its argument (conclusions) and state in what ways it will help you in your project and what wont help i.e. its advantages and disadvantages in terms of assisting your project. Basically you need to state how and why this text is useful for your project. As to number of sources to use this is entirely based on the nature of your project, i did twelve for mine, but you should advice from your teachers about this and they should tell you. Good luck.

how much work in a day?

Hey guys,

As a new phd student in the reading phase i am constantly worrying that im not getting much work done in a day, so i was wondering how much everyone else gets done in a typical day, for example, how many articles/books read etc? thanks.

Is it unrealistic for someone of a working class background to become a lecturer ?

Hi Vicky

My advice to you is to apply for everything. I applied to the AHRC for my MA but was unsuccessful. Luckily i got a scholarship from my university covering my fees, and i worked part-time to afford everything else. I applied to the AHRC again for my Phd but was unsuccessful again. I also applied for one of the university's scholarships. When i heard from the AHRC i resigned myself to getting a job, but then i was told that i would be getting a university scholarship covering my fees and giving me a small maintenance grant because someone else whod been offered the scholarship was awarded AHRC funding and you cant have both. I wouldn't be doing my phd otherwise, and i never would have got the scholarship if i hadnt bothered applying for it. It is tough, i have to work about 25 hours a week as well to make ends meet, but basically my advice is to apply for everything, and obviously get the best marks you can cos you never know what might happen. Also, you must apply to the AHRC, even though its unlikely you'll get it as its soooo competitive, as often scholarships are awarded on the basis that you've failed to obtain funding elsewhere. Good luck!

started phd a month ago but havent done anything yet

Hey Guys

I started my Phd in Literature at the beginning of this month but i am still trying to work out the ins and outs and details of my research topic etc so i haven't actually done any reading yet. Im starting to worry that all other new phd students have done loads of stuff already, and i have a supervisory meeting in January and im not quite sure what im supposed to produce for it. Is anyone else in the same boat?