Anyone know anything about online study for A-levels?


Hello there,
I am asking for a friend and I realise this is a little off topic, but does anyone have experience of (or know anyone else with experience with) online study for A Levels? We know there is the Open University - but that is for undergrad and postgrad study. There's some websites that say they offer online A Levels, but since they aren't well known (unlike the Open University) it feels a bit of a gamble. Any advice, suggestions, or experience sharing welcomed - and I will pass it on to my friend. Thank you!

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My brother is doing A-Levels at the minute (for the third time) but I don't know much about online study.

In theory you can self study A-Levels and register for the exams at an exam centre, like the local college/tech. The exam board will usually have recommended text-books or guidance for self study that offer a base level for their exams. I don't know about online study classes but the exam-board material can be fantastic and might be far more reliable than an online course. Different exams boards will have varying amounts of supporting materials and the popular course/exam board combos will have youtube videos (I can remember all the OCR Chemistry content) . I would suggest looking at the exam-board made material first and choose an online course that supports a particular course.


Thank you Rewt. I'll pass it on. It's for her daughter - as they've moved to another country yet she wants to get her A Levels here through remote study. I think she is a bit concerned though about the quality of what is out there. If there were a well known and well established thing like the OU it would probably inspire more confidence. Or if we knew someone else who had done it. Thank again for your help.


Well this is a bit weird.
Both my daughters are trying to do the same thing and we were discussing it last night.
I told them to contact either the SQA or AQA for advice on certified exam centres etc. and they'll be making the calls on Monday. Happy to post back with the advice they receive.


Funny coincidence! Well, she has gone for it now. Very affordable price apparently. Hope your daughters find out what they need to make an informed choice too.