Christmas Presents


Right, but I am trying to think of an amazing, original, useful Christmas present for my boyfriend. It's our first Christmas (as a couple) and I have never bought him anything before. He's musical and sporty.

So, for inspiration, what's the best present you've ever received? Price is irrelevant.


I got a Yorkshire terrier puppy for Christmas last year - he cost £550 but obviously to me he is priceless. I know you're not going to get your boyfriend a dog - but he was the best present I have ever received!

I was also quite chuffed when my ex-boyfriend bought me a copy of his favourite book that he wanted me to read, and write a nice message on the first page.



My girlfriend is a master present buyer. She conquered her fear of puppets to buy and wrap a weird hand puppet thing that caught my attention in the shops. She did it super sneakily as well and I had no clue.

She also cotton'd on to my love of odd books and got me a first edition of an autobiography, signed by the author and everything :D It was wonderful.

As for my family it's a three way tie between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blimp I got when I was a kid, the Godzilla toy I got also when I was a kid and a signed picture of an actor from my fave sci fi show.