Christmas Scroogeness


lol that was the most sarcastic punctuation ever, made me laugh an awful lot...;-)


Yep, me too Liminalplace! PhDbug, you have made me splutter on my breakfast coffee in a good way!


i got waved at by a group of santas at the motorway services on my way in this morning and have filled my ipod with xmas songs - i am officially in a christmassy mood! ;-)


*cries* :p


So funny,

Bah humbug, commercialism, materiality, recession... bah

I just made my cards for this year and im pretty impressed with myself. Hallmark can bite my behind.


Oh I didnt mean to be sarcastic....I am just feeling as grim as a thundercloud this time of the the yr....


oh im with you phdbug dont worry about it.
Im just sitting counting the days to submission and the lack of work I have done. Plus i just got some feedback from supervisor and have to overhaul a chapter...sigh.. bah bloody humbug


My Christmas present to everyone is being home for the holidays! After that expense, no money left for presents! That said, the real importance of the holiday is just that--family and friends, not loads of consumer items you can't afford and don't need. For years I have asked people who are inclined to get me a present to make a charitable donation in my name to the local dog's rescue home. One year my parents sponsored a goat in a village in a developing nation in my name--some small amount of money help a villager get set up with a flock of goats and some income.

According to this £60 gets an entire herd of goats set up!

Not to take away the joy others get from more traditional sorts of presents, but I get the best Christmas feeling thinking that maybe a small bit of good was done in some corner of the world.


Ah well thats good, I use the world vision alternative presents site. Bought some aids teacher training and a toilet block for my parents the last time, and they were seriously chuffed it was very sweet.


xmas escaping me too this year. il make an effort to buy a tree this week and put it up. normally go to my mum but we fell out in march and havnt spoken or seen since. she's moved so i dont know where she is. tho i can contact her thro someone else but cant bring myself too due to what happened and she wont also. so unless im invited somewhere, im not celebrating xmas day. my teens have always gone to their dads and when i mentioned to my daughter, turns out he's not having them at his weekend/holiday home near me. he's taking them to where he lives a distance away with his current partner. cant stop them going. wouldnt be fair as they'v always spent xmas day to new year with him. il have them xmas eve so il enjoy the time. spoke to a good friend of mine. he doesnt kno what he's doing but if his girlfriends ok and they spending it together, maybe il head there. but not sure. her son's hyperactive so not sure il handle being there. bless him...not his fault. havnt bought pressies as paid for my daughters car insurance and that was her pressie and my son's having driving lessons and that was his. il get them something little each. with no contact with my mum.... its sad. but thats life...for me.


merry christmas.. having a nice day. spending it with my ex and my two teens. worked out well after all (up) :-)