Christmas Scroogeness


I dont mean to be a Scrooge but this year christmas is just escaping me. I live by myself and I work in my home office, now im trying to be really busy these days and although im going home for the holidays, i wasnt planning on putting up any decorations in my own house, cos I didnt really see the point. Am i the only Christmas non planner? I enjoy buying presents but as students we all know we dont get paid til later on in the month so christmas is kinda on hold till we get paid.

What about you all, is anyone seriously christmassy yet?


My sister and her 2 kids are emigrating to New Zealand next week so we had to all exchange presents on Sunday so they can pack them into the shipping container - kinda feel like Christmas is over and done already! I have to say I try to avoid walking down the high street at all costs at the moment because I hate the general chaos that takes over (and the fact you can never find what you want in the supermarket because they've moved it all around to make room for boxes of blinking biscuits)! We're going on our postgrad Christmas meal next week, to Wagamama which is about as un-Christmassy as you can get too!

I do like Christmas, just not in the mood for it yet. Maybe after the 17th when I've had my last supervision meeting of the year and can relax it will kick in a bit more!


I am not at all taking part in christmas business, no decoration, no tree, and I am not giving presents. I usually give to my close people instead-of-christmas-presents, when they don't expect it :) I will visit my family one day especially my grandma because it means a lot to her. But to be honest: I can hardly stand christmas! I will keep working while others hunt for presents in the crowded cities.


I totally sympathise with you!!! I don't feel at all Christmassy. I have to present my work to my department today (and the feedback tends to be pretty aggressive - to prepare us for viva : ) ) and then try and finish my thesis for 7th Jan. It's hard for other people to understand that taking time off now is a hindrance rather than a nice treat. Still, we can all make up for it next year eh?!


I can't stand it any year. Traipsing up and down the country on packed trains, having to have 2 or 3 "Christmases" so no relative gets their nose put out of joint, sleeping on floors, being separated from my other half:-s. Glad when its over.



No one in my family makes a big deal out of xmas, except my brother cos he's got kids. Also, we all live fairly near each other so there's no need for big journeys to stay with people in other parts of the country either, so no chance of the festive season denting my seriously essential PhD time. To be honest, I'm finding it really easy to ignore this year, more than usual because of my looming submission date, and I'm actually looking forward to spending time away from work and on my thesis. I'll still send people cards, get presents and all that, but Christmas definitely won't take up much time, energy or money this year.


I love Christmas! My family is very Christmassy, and as we have some people in Scotland and some in Northern Ireland it's good when we all get to meet up, (or at least some of us) to be together. However, I haven't really noticed Christmas this year because I'm getting married on the 30th, so when the children are counting down I have 5 extra days on them! All my spare time is wedding time, has been since August! I do think the build up in the shops is far too long though, to me Christmas really doesn't kick in to around the 20th. I think the massive commercial aspect of everything does tend to put a lot of people off.


I won't be partaking in much Christmas cheer this year. First, I'm broke, and second, I don't want to fall out of my current work mode while I'm writing up. It's easy to become really, really lazy over the Xmas period, and I'm already lazy enough!

I'm always assigned the role of chef over the Xmas period, so that will be my contribution - lots of cooking.

I'm also staying away from the shopping malls and supermarkets, because the rudeness of people at this time of year really irritates me.

If I had the time and money I'd go to Austria or Germany for Xmas, I love the atmosphere in those countries during Xmas time (especially the markets). They haven't been quite so hard hit with the commercialism that has beset the UK.


He...well, despite my previous whinge I am off to Cologne next week for the markets; my mother wanted me to go with her. Might be fun.


I'm with Heifer

Christmas is alright, but not on the 4th of December. My lab xmas do is next wednesday, i think people are going out drinking in the afternoon as opposed to working, but i really cannot get into that kind of spirit untill at least the 15th of December. Having said that i'll probably go along like a sheep anyway.

Not particularly into Christmas myself, but am looking forward to spending some time with the family and getting a much needed week of work, so all in all it's a good thing. Presents wise, i'm fully funded with an ok living expenses grant, so better off than many on this forum. Family aren't big on presents anyway. My biggest problem is probably finding the time for shopping.

All the best, shan't issue seasons greeting till i feel christmassy


I'm not feeling the cheer yet either. Probably because I can't afford to go home for the holidays and have no family here... and can't afford the gifts either (or even a strand of fairy lights!).
Maybe we all need an afternoon off to walk around the xmas markets and watch some cheesy old movies. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to get into it...


me in exact same state as izzim.


I'm sorry but I live for christmas! Love it! Its all I'm holding onto right now to get me through, although to be honest I'm not feeling too festive just yet, its always a busy and stressful time on the lead up to christmas.


I'm feeling very festive! It snowed last night and I've been listening to xmas songs and wearing my Santa hat already! Done about half of my xmas shopping, and have already been out carolling (and making a couple of TV news appearances!) with my choir, AND I've been involved in recording a charity xmas single! I have also been getting a bit over-excited about my Tinkerbell advent calendar and the office High School Musical one (woop woop!). We decorated the office a couple of days ago and put the tree up - so exciting!! Hmm, perhaps I should go and calm down a bit now.... :-)