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I'm conducting Psychology research on the links between negative early experiences and mental health for my PhD at Nottingham Trent University. More specifically, I am interested in the relationship between trauma and negative early experiences, ways of relating to other people and voice hearing and paranoia in adulthood. Previous research has demonstrated a link between negative early experiences and psychosis like symptoms, however little is known about how this relationship works. Hence, the aim of this research is to find out more about the mechanisms which underlie the relationship.

I am recruiting a general population sample as well as a sample of support seeking individuals from a self help group, as although paranoia and voice hearing can be symptoms of certain psychological difficulties, such as schizophrenia, research suggests that they are also present in the general population at low levels. In this case such experiences are not usually distressing, as they are not at high enough severity levels to cause problems and therefore do not require a diagnosis. This means that it is useful to conduct research of this nature generally and not only in those with a diagnosis. To achieve this we need your help.

If you are over the age of 18 and would like to participate in the online questionnaire please visit:

Participation should take between 20-30 minutes, however this may vary depending on your experiences. To show my appreciation, you can enter into a prize draw to win £40/£20/£20 Amazon vouchers.

PLEASE NOTE: The questionnaire covers sensitive issues, such as suicide and abuse, you may find some of the questions distressing. You are free to withdraw at any time or leave particular questions out.

Thank you for your interest,

Sarah Cruddas


Done- good luck! KB

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Also done. Looks like it will be interesting, good luck with it!


Thank you, it's much appreciated!


I did your survey, but I accidentally closed the page at teh end and didn't leave an email for the draw (which of curse I would win!) can I still enter it? can PM my email address and 5 digit number.



Thanks for participating. Of course you can send me your contact info and ID and I will happily add you to the draw.

Best wishes



Done it, but wish you had put a box so that I could have explained some of the answers a bit more. for example, you never asked if parents were separated or divorced, or other life experiences which affected some of my answers.


Thank you for participating. Your feedback is also greatly appreciated. I understand your frustration with the constraints imposed by the questionnaires - my parents are also divorced, so I had trouble with that one too. I had a debate with myself about it, but as far as I know that is the only questionnaire to inquire about such experiences. Maybe I will be able to develop something that more accurately reflects people's experiences as a next step. I would love to do some qualitative work and allow people more flexibility with their answers.

Thanks for your time and comments.



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Thanks to everybody who participated - this survey is now closed.

Best wishes,

Sarah Cruddas