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Stupid Mistake

I realised last year that my CV had my incorrect thesis title on it for 5 years! No one noticed and I got two post doc jobs with the wrong title!

Don’t panic! And good luck with the job :)

Starting postdoc before finishing PhD. Is that possible?

I did my first application about 10 months before submission as it seemed suitable for me although I wasn't close to submission. I'm not sure what I'd have done had I got it, probably struggle to get my Phd finished!. I ended up applying for about 10 post docs before I was finally successful. I started about 3 weeks before my viva.
One thing that did happen was hr wouldn't pay me postdoc rates until I had my award letter. I did get the pay backdated to my viva date but it was a but annoying!

Very depressed over typos in Phd thesis...

Quote From pm133:
A serious question given all the posts about typos above. Are you talking about spelling errors or grammatical errors? Surely everyone uses a spell checker for the first?

Mine were a mixture of grammatical errors, errors where the word was replaced by another word. And some where I really should have noticed the massive red underlining that Word had given!

Very depressed over typos in Phd thesis...

Try not to panic! I had an average of one typo per page! Including one that changed the meaning of a significant result (I had the groups the wrong way round).
I took a list with me to the viva but decided not to volunteer it unless they brought it up. In the end I passed with very minor corrections. They'd found about 10 typos, compared to my list of 100+ and I quietly corrected them all before submission of the bound copy.
I've still found a couple of extra typos in the final copy which is more annoying as I can't do anything about them!

Knowledge gap issues - stats

I got some stats advice during my Phd. I think I just said to my supervisor that's I had the opportunity to speak to a statistician so I had done it. I never looked at it like I was going because they didn't know what they were doing, I viewed it as being fur my benefit. Maybe sell it these terms?

Neuroscience OR medicine?

Quote From TreeofLife:
Quote From MrFox:

Post-graduation medical training in Germany can all be done in the same hospital, there's no need to move around (unless you want to). Shift work is not the greatest, but can be avoided in some specialties, plus one can always become a GP.

You know you're right, it's probably the same in the UK actually. Sometimes I wish I knew more about medicine before rejecting it out of hand 15 years ago. One of the many drawbacks of being working class and only knowing working class people doing working class jobs I guess.

In the UK, you can do a MD and a PhD simultaneously.. I think it only adds an extra year. But I'm not 100% sure on this.

I'm pretty sure it's doing an MSc along side the MD that adds a year, PhD would be done after and take 3 years. (Source - I lived with a Med Student and did my PhD along side an MD who was doing a PhD)

Two postdocs simultaneous?

If you are hired as a postdoc you will most likely have a contract with the university that you will work full time hours (~35 hours per week). Although it seems like you could do both jobs at once I suspect the HR departments at the unis wouldn't see it that way.

It could work if both were part time though.

First full draft to submission - how many months did it take?

Mine was less than a week!

Supervisors looked at each chapter individually and never saw a complete full draft. I finished correcting final chapter and put it all together in the final week before submission.

Research methods/psychology/social sciences question

I think it becomes data fishing if you analyse without a clear hypothesis and then write up based on what was significant with a new hypothesis attached that matches the findings.

I think this is definitely a problem big in psychology (which is my field) as many PIs don't think that it's the wrong thing to do. There is a move towards preregistration which is an attempt to crack down on this but I don't know many people that actually preregister their studies (I know I don't!)

Coloured diagrams in thesis?

I had 6 or 7 colour figures.

For the graphs I used grey bars to keep down printing costs. Unfortunately when I did my final binding I got it printed at university, and they printed these in colour rather than greyscale. Although this looked good, as I was printing 5 copies and there were about 30 pages that included at least one graph, this added £30 to my printing costs!

R&R to Rejection (Paper)

My current boss keeps telling me to follow the path of least resistance. If you're sending the paper to a new journal, and were happy with the previous version (e.g., the version after the R & R) then just send it as it is to a new journal (with a few tweaks if the remit of the journal is slightly different). You could spend a long time making those changes and then the next lot of reviewers could come up with a whole load of different comments.

I've only shelved one paper. This was after it had been rejected by three (or possibly four) journals and the comments they were coming out with were things I couldn't really change (sample size being one of them).

Submitted PhD and typos!

I found 180 or so typos in mine. Examiners spotted about 5!

I brought a list to the Viva in case they mentioned that there were a lot of errors (they didn't) and then corrected them before the final submission.

Have still since found a couple more errors in the final version!

What's in a chapter?

Just had to check my thesis (never believed I'd move on and forget some of the specifics!)

It may differ somewhat by study, but mine follows structure TreeofLife suggested.

My thesis involved doing various tests (psychosocial, cognitive, MRI) on a clinical population. My structure was as follows;

- Intro and lit review (this chapter for was short ~5000 words and introduced the general area)
- Methods (general method such as recruitment, testing procedures)
- Four data chapters each with intro, methods, results, conclusions (in the intro here I went into more specific research, e.g., in the cognitive chapter I reviewed previous research into cognitive deficits in this population).
- General discussion (bringing everything together, future directions etc).

I did discuss having a methods chapter where I covered all the methods, but decided with my supervisors that this chapter would be long and potentially quite boring to read!

why my word undo function doesn't work?

Are you using Endnote? Could this be causing a problem? I find the undo function on word doesn't work if I've just done something involving Endnote (e.g., adding a citation, deleting a citation moving or deleting a passage of text that included citations).

What did you do right at the very end?

From what I remember, in my final four weeks
I wrote my introduction (took about a week),
Wrote my discussion (~2 days),
Tidied up 1 or 2 chapters following light comments from supervisors.
Put everything into one document
Made contents page, acknowlegements, list of Tables and Figures
Put together my Appendices
Checked all references cos Endnote was being a pain (at the time there was a bug where anything published that year was coming up with no date!),
Re inputted all the graphs as one of the Postdocs made an off hand comment that they'd look better without a border!
Just about proof read it (I was left with an average of one typo per page in the submitted version!)
Printed and bound it.

In the end the intro and discussion took a lot less time to write than I anticipated. Also Word coped much better than I was expecting when I combined all my chapters. I was expecting it to crash/ endnote to struggle, but that all worked well.
Things like graphs, endnote, appendices I did not my laptop watching TV in the evening.

My final day I handed in by lunch time. I then spent the afternoon Wordle - ing my thesis whilst waiting for anyone to come and get drunk with me!

Good luck with submission. I seems like a lot to do, but everything kinda came together.