In Crises, Need your advice


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I graduated barely with a degree in mechanical engineering, took admission in continuing engineering education and earned Masters with Grade Point Average of 3.5/4(87.5%). Is it possible for me to acquire admission to a good foreign university with this qualification in Masters program.
In short i am in possesion of + Masters degree(honors)

and i want to get admission in Masters from a good foreign univeristy prefrebly in UK \ Canada.


About Uk:
The requirement for an average Uni-postgrad course is a 2.2 class hons. A better uni will ask for a 2.1+ class hons.
When it comes to a PHD they only require a Masters in related fields-gaining 87.5% you seem like a god candidate. Remember that You should have your student loans organised a couple of months ago, i'm not sure if its not too late, unless you are able to pay for yourself.