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Part time PHD please help anyone

Hey there...

Don't forget that a PhD is a research based title. 99% of the work is done in your private time, libraries and at home. The point i'm trying to make is that most people treat their PhD as an extention of their work: if there is anything from your work that you would like to write a phd on-do it. Apply, state it and your chances of acceptance are enourmous. I have done my FT phd at Kings College,Cambridge-simultaneously working 4 days a week and i managed. This is the info you need summarised in 5 sentences. For more help Pm me.

Is it unrealistic for someone of a working class background to become a lecturer ?

@ vixhewitt

Firstly: There is no real formal requirement for becoming a lecturer.

Secondly: The "step" from having a phd(usuall academic title of a lecturer) is a little longer than it seems. You have to have background in your teaching subjects ie: teach in school firstly.

Thirdly: Some treat MAs as a "pre" step to PhD, although its very hard, some people skip the Mas stage and pursue straight off to get their phd done.

How long does it take?

@ Jdash

If you are applying in the UK or other european universitites, you will hear a conditional offer between mid-january and mid-february.

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How long should I have wait?


If you are currently a undergrad student(at your 3rd year) then you were probably given a conditional offer. If you have finished your course already and taking a gap year-yet they still wrote you are recommended for an offer then you are on the right track. The Postgrad offers are accepted/rejected usually by the head of the departament (that being one person) yet at the end of the year (in may most probably-if yoru course starts in september) you will know for sure.

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The Word Association Game Thread


requirement for master of engg.

I'm doing my second year of mechanical engineering and i'm already researching unis @ which i will be doing my Masters in eng~

The usuall requirement varies between a 2.1 and a 2.2 class hons->tell me where exactly you'r from and i'll tell you the equivalent.

You will also have to prove that your english is sufficiently good enough->tefls etc.



The good thing is that you are starting your studies next year which means you have plenty of time to sort out your finances. Like you were asked before, tell us where you want to study, what course, the duration and the fees.

For now I can recommend nothing else but to visit http://studentfinancedirect.com and do the research yourself.


Hello Fatemeh

Luckily for You, like for thousand other students, the European Unis are very tolerant and accept people from all over the World. It is hard to tell what Uni you stand a chance of getting in because we do not know how well you passed your BS but when it comes to postgraduate courses in France(Masters or PhD) most Top universities require a 2.1 Hons(English honorary system of classifying Graduates) to be accepted for a Masters Course. If you want a more general info do tell us please what your grade was, if any, and what Uni are you interested in studying.

requirement question-wierd

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So generally-of what i understood: When a Uni has to decide which person should be awarded a postgrad place-lets say both have 1st class-they may look at GCE A Level results/Ib.

@ Previous posts: I'v heard of people who actually managed to make a jump from south bank to oxford. maybe not all but others, awarded a 1st class, have been awarded a schoolarship to UCL, kings College London, Queens Mary-took their masters there and proceeded to oxford and imperial for their PHDs. This is the route I will try to follow.

Thank you for your help,

requirement question-wierd

So..i forgot to ask the most imporatant question:

You guys think I should or should not retake the Ib-maths and physics exams?

Or in another words: Do I stand a chance getting in the best Unis for postgrad with what I got(lets say i will score a 2.1 or even a 1st class hons)

requirement question-wierd

I was an excellent student eversince I was young, always dreamt of finishing a good Uni, Ox, Cam and Imperial were just examples but certainly i'd rather get e MEng or MSc in a better place than LSBU. In my last year of Ib i had a combination of computer problems-lot all my internall assignments 3 weeks before the deadlines and personal problems.

Thank You very much for your reply, lets see if anyone else shares your views.
As a matter of fact, retaking the exams is no problem to me, the costs are not high so luckily this is not an issue.

The thing i know is that the level of teaching does not differ from the best universities. I have, for instance, a lecturer who teaches me Thermofluids-he is also the lecturer of the same unit at Imperial College London so the way I see it is: If I get a first class I am as valuable to Universities as much as a person finishing his course at Imperial with a simmilar grade, true? Is that when the A Lvl results come in handy?

In advance, thank you.

In Crises, Need your advice

About Uk:
The requirement for an average Uni-postgrad course is a 2.2 class hons. A better uni will ask for a 2.1+ class hons.
When it comes to a PHD they only require a Masters in related fields-gaining 87.5% you seem like a god candidate. Remember that You should have your student loans organised a couple of months ago, i'm not sure if its not too late, unless you are able to pay for yourself.

requirement question-wierd

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