It's my birthday today :-)

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Hey Wal, happy birthday!

At 40 I have re-discovered clubbing, staying out all night and making fast firends... So don't give up on that just yet! Unless you really want to.

Have a wonderful evening, and a prezzie: (gift)


Happy Birthday Wal! (gift)
It's my birthday next week, i'll be 27 and I say you're as young as you feel - although right now I ache all over and feel old, don't get out much, HATE clubbing, love radio 2 and lots of classical, oh and clubbing is my worst nightmare! But I don't think these things are a sign of old age, just type of person you are!
Don't work too hard, or at least do it with wine/beer/favourite tipple! :)
Birthday hugs, AL x


Happy belated birthday, hope you found some time out from preparing your questionnaires to enjoy yourself!

I'd like to get asked for ID more often, I'm only 22 and haven't been asked for ages!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!


just saw this Wally, happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely weekend celebrting, good luck for your data collection this week! and make sure you get good and rwody when it's all done so you can celebrate properly! And just cos your older doesn't mean you have to be sensible, I come froma long line of mums aunt had a pet goat that she walked around the town on a lead, called Mussolini :D