It's my birthday today :-)


Well, while transcribing my data I've just turned into a 29 year old. I've only been 29 for just over an hour now and I don't much like it. For the vast majority of you younger baby forumites, let me give you the benefit of my experiences so far. It doesn't feel much different from being 28 physically, but mentally, goes...

Shxt in a bubble bath! I'm going to need to be responsible now, so no more of my rock and roll lifestyle.

I'm going to have to start listening to classical music and watching Heartbeat on ITV 2.

I'm no shrinking violet, but maybe I need to start looking into a pension plan.

Hobbies will have to change, so I'll start learning to play dominoes and crown green bowling.

Being 29 and single makes me the male equivalent of Bridget Jones, so I'm going to have to get a haircut, buy some new jeans (not the Asda George 'Dad Jeans') and begin a PR campaign. What can I say though? 'Hi, I'm Walminskipeasucker and I make questionnaires - yes, no, maybe, maybe not',-) Might have to go to charm school :$

Adopt an air of professionalism, so no longer wear trainers and never go to nightclubs just gastro pubs.

Actually decide what I want to do with the time I have left.

Only read broadsheet newspapers and never tabloids.

Buy some cufflinks for my shirts and a leather belt to make sure that when I tuck my shirt into my pants it remains there. Probably stop using Lynx deodorants and use something manly and mature like Brut, maybe even buy a smoking jacket and elasticated pants, for comfort and functional wear.

In conclusion, I can state that turning 29 brings with it increased mental maturity, a greater sense of responsibility and the realisation that you're, well, a proper grown up. I still get asked for ID when buying beer though, so it's not all bad!


happy birthday mate, hope u have a good 'un!


Quote From m_asimuk:

happy birthday mate, hope u have a good 'un!

Thank you m_asimuk.


Happy birthday! I hope your transcribing is suitably celebratory? If not, I hope you are taking the above list out for a bit of growing up retail therapy.

I am a bit concerned about the similarity of your comments with my current state (apart from the cufflinks section); I am evidently older than my years (as I think I am only 28, but tend to forget).

Anyway, it is time for bed. I can't do all nighters anymore, not like when I was a young whippersnapperette.

Enjoy the celebrations!

CG x

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Happy Birthday Wal!

I've just turned 26, but I listen to classical music :$ because its something that can be on in the background whilst I write - which I can't sing along to - although I have a good go sometimes.

I also have a pension :$ my mum set it up, alhtough I think I was 60 now and retired it would only give me something like £30 a year because I've never put anything in it.

I still get ID'd - even when I'm paying with my credit card, flash my wedding ring and am holding car keys and buying one bottle of wine amongst a £70 weekly shop full of 'adult' things like lettuce and lasagne sheets. I think its because I spend 99% of my time in cheap Lonsdale joggers and hoodies so I look like a very chavvy 14 year old.


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday dear Wally! Happy Birthday to you!

Have a spectacular one Wally :)


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwwwww you're an ickle baby!!! Wait til next year :-p Actually, wait another 11 years, 40 is a killer *I'm soooooooooooooooooo old!!!* I do like your plans for this year, they sound very mature and very sensible - I would recommend however that you consider adding those suspenders that men wear for their socks... you really need to consider at your age how scruffy wrinkled socks look. They will add an air of sophistication and maturity to match your smoking jacket.


Happy birthday Wally,
your posts are so jolly.
So don't despair at your age,
It's a brand new page.

You're a forum star,
So stay the way you are.
Except for the Lynx-
I think that stuff stinks :p


Happy birthday Wally!! Have a splendiferous day!!:-)


Happy Birthday Wally!

And I turn 29 in a couple of months and have no intention of doing any of those (that I don't do already). Especially Brut, ugh, I'd rather smell of cat vomit.

Why not delay those until the big 3-0 ? Yeah, that sounds like more fun to me :D


Happy birthday wally!!!


Yay, happy birthday! I'm 28 next month and am quite scared to be nearing 30! Hope you take some time out to celebrate not being 30 yet!! Best, KB


Haopy birthday Wally! Wish I was still 29 though :p


Thank you very much for the thoughtful birthday wishes everyone :-) No partying today as too much work getting ready for data collection next week, but I'll make up for it at some point.:-)


It was my birthday last week - and I can outdo the lot of you. I do listen to classical music sometimes, although mostly the loud stuff, I hate the tinkle tinkle kind and am more likely to have a bit of heavy metal on really, although I can't work to music at all. I do read the broadsheets, but then I've done that since I was much younger. I still wear trainers etc. and do not go into gastro pubs if I can avoid it (but then I wouldn't go to a nightclub either of course!). I'm still a bit of a rebel at heart, and am nowhere near retiring to a corner. :-) I didn't do that before and I'm certainly not doing it now. The only thing you have to worry about is the number of candles on the cake may set off the fire alarm if you are not careful.