Online places to chat and generally shoot the breeze


Hi everyone,

Recently I've been wanting to find an online forum where I can generally chat and shoot the breeze with other post grads. I spend the majority of my time working at home and it can be a very isolating experience. I sometimes post over on Phinised, but I find that most people on there are in the USA so the timings don't always work out. I've found a chat app called Slack where people can make groups and chat, and it seems like it would be easy to set up a group on there for like minded work at homers who want to create the office type environment that I find really motivating.

So my questions are:

1. Any takers on joining a slack group I would make so we can chat during the working day?
2. Anyone know of any active sites/forums where there is plenty of off topic chat in the GMT timezone?

The forums question I want to avoid gaming sites because I tend to get carried away if I log into gaming sites during the work day!

Have a great day!


I'd be interested in joining :)


I would join too!


I would love to join too


I would be interested in joining too!


Excellent - I've set up a team on Slack. Please DM me your email addresses and I'll send out the invite


By the way - with slack you just make an account and log in, you don't need to download anything, or at least I didn't!


I would definitely join.


HI everyone, the chat is set up and the first two invites sent out. I think I can invite 7 more people so DM me your email address if interested :-)

Edit: Any email address OK, you can set up a throwaway if you need to, and you don't need to give me your name or other identifying info if you don't want to!


5 spaces left in the slack chat, send me your email on DM if you would like to be added!

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I live so far away from UK but if there is spare space, I would love to join.

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I'd love to join!