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Changing University after Starting a PhD?

I know of someone who changed supervisors and topics within the same department. It does happen.

I think in your situation I would probably trust your instincts and change.

Is a PhD worth it for me?

Would you be on leave from work or have to look for a job after you complete your PhD?

Personally I would continue working and moving up the ladder.

PhD loans to become available in 2018.

I think it is awful and it is terrible news.

These loans have been introduced to replace grants. There is no way a PhD is even worth £75K of loan! Only the wealthy and middle class will be able to afford to do a PhD in the future, and the Conservatives have long had this agenda, even in relation to undergraduate degrees. The only I hope I have is that tomorrow we as a nation vote the conservatives out of government! So everyone, please go out and vote, and vote the Tories out!

Attend Graduation?

I've decided not to go. Its going to cost me around £100 (gown and travel etc). I just don't see the point. Instead I am going to throw a party with close friends and family :)

Corrections finally approved!

Congratulations!!! :)

Finding an Editor

Tomsan, I know someone reliable who has a PhD who can edit your work for you, but she doesn't live local to Manchester. If you want her contact details PM me.

Recommendation letter

Quote From emaa:
Hugh.. what a cheek!! Was s/he like this as a supervisor?

yes. I'm just glad it is over now :)

Recommendation letter

My supervisor also asked me to write one and then edited it from excellent to just good. The cheek.

Corrections/revisions approval waiting time?

I am in a similar position. I only have a few changes, so it shouldn't take them long to check it over. I gave them 3 weeks but I am also wondering whether I should chase it up or ask my supervisor too. Really want to graduate this summer, it'll be lovely in the summer, especially for the pics ;-)

Open university or a traditional brick university?

I wouldn't discount Open Uni. The key thing is having good (nice), experienced and responsive supervisors. Generally, with OU I have found they are very responsive to email because of the distance working approach. I would go with your gut feeling too.

But 5 supervisors?! Never heard of anyone have that many but it might work in your favour. They certainly won't be slacking at that rate.

PhD Thesis too Simple

Mine felt very simple too but simple is good, examiners also find it easier to understand. You are less likely to fail and be questioned about it or asked to defend it. As long as the research will create new knowledge, don't worry about the "simple methods". All you'll have to prepare for in the viva is, was there another way to do this, what is it and did you consider it? I wouldn't worry at all.

Final year support thread

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I wanted some very small piece of advice on something stats related that I am stuck on. Anyone able to help please? Thanks :)

Anyone met their examiners before viva?

In the UK, I don't think you are supposed to communicate with the examiners, at least not formally. It wouldn't look good if you approached them. However, if it was something really important than of course your supervisor could approach them.

Cannot afford PhD

I empathize with you, there is no way a fully funded PhD in London can cover living costs.

It would be a shame to give up having come this far.

Does your university have a hardship fund? I believe this is the time to apply for it, and I believe you would be given at least some form of financial support to cover your living costs.

You also need to perhaps look at reducing costs. Which zone do you live in? Could you move say to the end of the tube lines where rent is a lot cheaper. The other thing you could do is reduce the days you go into your office, so save on travel costs.

I believe another way to make money and a lot of undergraduates do is become a private one to one tutor. As a PhD student you could charge around £15 per hour or even more. I have heard it is quite lucrative.

Also encourage your partner to consider casual work to get some experience. For example in retail.

What to do after a successful appeal?

Hi, well done on your appeal. On what basis did you win your appeal?

Also, what was the result prior to the appeal? I assume you had a viva, was it a fail or MPhil?