Physical Education in schools should be compulsory?


In the UK, Physical Education (PE) is compulsory in state schools until the age of 16 – that is, that sports are compulsory for as long as education is compulsory. Every year, more and more parents complain to their children’s schools about PE, they believe that their children shouldn’t have to participate in physical activity if they don’t want to. Proponents of PE, however, believe that it is a crucial element of all-round schooling – and our society’s well-being.



In my opinion, physical education should be compulsory in schools. Games are essential and a necessity for children. Exercise keep their body fit and trim, thus ensuring healthy eating habits. If there are no games for children in school, they tend to get weary and bored of school routine, and studies become a drag.


Asthmatic symptoms can be induced by physical exercise- it is not always beneficial. Currently, 1 in 11 children in the UK (WHO) have asthma (diagnosed by a physician, let alone children who might have symptoms but no diagnosis).
However, there is no written plan on asthma in schools.

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In the school and system I work within, (Aust-Catholic system) we all have to have training for Asthma-use of ventilators and sprays and something called an asthma management plan, whether PE teachers or not, and PE is compulsory until 16. In my line of work, I have to support all of the different disciplines, as a curriculum coordinator (supporting the teaching and learning of all subjects-not a department head of one subject alone) and I do think exercise and physical movement is really important for students. I do remember thinking of it as a 'drudge' when I was at school, even though being a relatively active teenager at the time.

It is a bit like learning some of the more boring aspects of English language or Mathematics-you don't really appreciate it as a teenager, but later on you can see the real benefits of having to learn or practice the skills as an adult.