Please Help Me in My Research by Filling a Questionnaire!


Hy everyone,
I am a PhD student from Hungary. I research human factor in security technology and one part of my thesis is information technology. I would like compare user behaviour of different countries. Please take a moment to complete my questionnaire at and forward this letter to your friends please.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




Thank you indeed!


hi etkutatas I have been to Hungary before! I stayed at a thermal spa hotel, something like Margitzigit, it was on a small island in the water. Very nice. OK I'll answer your questionnaire! all the best, and thank you too
love satchi

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I have done the questionnaire - only took a few minutes. Good luck with your research!


Hello satchi and Flipper,
thanks a lot!
Satchi, I am glad to you liked Hungary! Margit-sziget the name of the hotel and the island too (Margit=Margaret, sziget=island).


Done - hope this helps! All the best :).

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Many thanks!

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Completed :) Good luck!


Done - ^_____^

Anyway, Could you please kindly help me with my questionnaire? It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and everyone is welcome to do it!

My name is Sathi and I am a postgraduate student at the University of Brighton.
I’m doing my dissertation to study the attitude and behaviour on healthy eating and exercise.

I really appreciate any help given to me and hopefully I can return the favour if anyone has a similar problem!

Here is a link to the questionnaire below,

Thank you very much!



I am doing research on the impact of online reviews on private accomodation booking intentions. If you would please be so kind to take the time out to take the survey, it will be greatly appreciated. Also, please forward this letter to your friends. Thank you so much for your attention and participation!

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If you post a new thread, more people will probably see it- also your link doesn't work (perhaps because it is part of a sentence or something?). Anyway maybe a friendly Mod will moe and edit your post for you...? Good luck!


done, good luck!