Romantic Vivian...


Has anybody else had a PM from Vivian. I hope not because I'd hate to think she's a two-timer!

Greetings,Am vivian,a romantic and
attractive girl am happy to see your
profile here today i will
like us to be friends
I believe we
can move from here!
Remember that age,
distance or colour does
not matter,but love
matters most in life.
just write to my
id([email protected])
so that I can send to
you my photos thanks Vivian


hi wally
I got one too
apparently she goes both ways

love satchi


Once again I have been overlooked :-(
Why Vivian, why?

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I got one too...


I never get picked for these things :-(

perhaps I have B.O...?


I got one! Though now I know other people got them too, I just don't feel special anymore :-( Oh Vivian, why so cruel?! You have broken my heart *weeps*

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I got two! I'm obviously vivian's favourite :-x


Vivian, you cold heartless bitch, getting me all excited then I find out you've been putting it around like some common floozy. How could you do this to me? I know I'm so desirable with my Belford PhD but did you have to break my heart so callously?


Sigh... I too have been overlooked!!!! She doesn't love me, why am I not good enough for Vivian? Is it because I haven't completed my studies at Belford yet? Is that what it is? i feel hurt and unloved. but maybe its a good thing, she's obviously a bit of a floozy and would have broken my heart too :-(


Stressed, you had a lucky escape. Look at how our emotions have been toyed with. Be glad you are the one that got away.


You're right as ever DanB - I should be glad, the feeling of being unwanted is surely better than that of being cheated on and your heart ripped out and shoved on a stick by one such as Vivian.... I will recover quickly, for the rest of you, well.... I'm here as a shoulder to weep copious tears on if you need me - heartless wench!