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Does anyone know if grading categories differ by university? For example, could a Grade 8 Postdoctoral role at one university be the same as Grade 6 one at another university? By "the same" I mean in terms of the level of expertise and experience required, and not pay (I know this differs from uni to uni). Another way of asking my question is are "Grades" for research roles consistent across universities in the UK?


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I don't get what you are asking? Are you asking if the exact same role could be a grade 6 at one university or grade at 8 at the other? If so, the the grades do differ. As the grading system is an arbitrary system based on the lowest level in the university with arbitrary levels. The grading system is based on primarily on pay and doesn't say much apart from that. So I don't think you should worry about the job grade except about pay.


Yes, that is what I am asking. I was a bit shocked by "Grade 8" for a job I am considering applying for, as this would be very high at my other university. I wasn't sure if I could ignore it as it is just an internal way of banding salaries. Your response suggests that this is the case. Thanks.


Yes it is an internal way of each individual university for salaries division. This is the case in the UK.
In Germany it is not. There is a universal system which is called TV-L. But again inside it, there is divisions depend on experience. Another funny thing in this system, you can be hired with 100% salary or 50% salary. For PhD students 50% salary means getting 50% of the salary but does not necessarily mean working 50% of the time!


Thanks for replying again - yes I think I was actually unclear on what grades were about, i.e. salary and experience vs just salary or just experience. I know the two come hand in hand normally, but I guess different unis have different pay scales - so the grades just aren't comparable across different unis. It all makes sense now! I'm glad we don't have the 50% thing - that would only confuse me more!


Many universities around the world uses salary banding system. However, the same level in the different universities may not equate to the same salary. This is true for the universities I have encountered. Best to check their website for their definition of the different salary bands. These are usually public, at least where I am anyway.


I am actually not too bothered about pay (within reason), it is more that I didn't want to come across as somehow thinking I was at professor level of something. Thankfully, I realise now that the grade number doesn't refer to your academic level but simply to the pay (which certainly isn't professor level...!)



Not sure whether I'm just not understanding the question but usually the grades are quite similar. Generally in the UK level 6 is usually lecturer, level 7 senior lecturer, level 8 associate prof or reader, level 9 is prof. There might be some minor differences, but that's in general how they are banded. Pay is usually more or less the same range for the same bands, that's market forces.


Actually, I had thought this too, but it doesn't seem to be the case. That's why I was asking the question. I was slightly confused by the high banding and not comparably high salary or experience level. I checked the uni website and it seems they just have a different banding system.