Strategy for picking reviewers for a manuscript


Happy New Year everyone!

I am to submit another manuscript shortly and felt it would be good to get ideas on what is a good strategy when picking reviewers to put forward for submission of a paper.

I have experienced that reviewers can expedite or hamper the submission process. More often than not, submission can be impeded by reviewers who haven't properly read the paper, don't have the relevant knowledge (though they should according to their profile), or are just difficult for the sake of it hence I think it would be a good thread for myself and others.

Would be good to hear your thoughts and experiences.


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I am not sure how good this strategy is but I submit as reviewers researchers I have referenced a lot in the paper. It is cynical but they might be less likely to reject me if I have referenced them 3-4 times.


Hi rewt,

Yes, my previous Ph.D. supervisor also used to do that for papers we worked on.

I found, this, which essentially recommends the same, and a few other points:



Hi, I find the following webpage useful: