Things you miss about being a PhD student


- Lie in pretty much whenever I wanted

- Working from home pretty much whenever I felt like it

- Sitting around all day in my pyjamas with my laptop semi-watching Jeremy Kyle and Neighbours whilst my simulations were running

- Being able to go into town midweek when not many people about

- Posting endlessly on PGF about lots of rubbish :-x


Well at least you still have the last one to enjoy DanB :p

I must admit, I will miss the freedom I'm afforded just now, and I try to remind myself to enjoy it despite the horrors of writing up.


Oh Lord. I wish I hadn't read that - it makes me realise nothing has changed.

I don't get to work until 10 (so I can sleep until 9 if I want - thats a lie in for me).

It's Friday afternoon, I'm working from home (I have that flexability) and I'm still in my PJs.

I can go to town if I want - but don't due to still being in PJs

I still post on PGF about rubbish.


At least I get paid to do this! (Just want to add I don't work in academia).


Wow you had an easy deal during your PhD! I'm in at least 9-6 every weekday, and have to go in both days this weekend and next :( I can't wait til this is over, a normal job would feel like a holiday!
I thought, if I leave I will miss wearing my own clothes rather than a uniform... um...and being able to access journals... can't think of much else!