To Improve This Forum


Two minor things that spring to mind to improve this forum:

1. Emojis/emoticons like on the student room. They can make the forum look more fun and inviting; just bc we are doing PhDs doesn't mean we're boring. Plus they help with tone.

2. Option to delete your comments, again like on the student room. I triple posted on another thread here and there's no option to delete mistakes lol.

Hope this isn't too cheeky.

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I agree to both. Even BBcode would great so that we can make the text a bit more interesting. Though with deleting posts, can there be a time limit like a day to delete posts, to stop people deleting all their posts.


Hi both,

Thank you for your suggestions. I'll pass this on to our web team to see if it is something that can be incorporated into a future update!



Good point rewt, and thank you Lauren!!