What do you want for 2012?


Starting from today I have 52 weeks to get THAT job.(up)

Will it happen? I'll let you know.


In general I would like good health, happiness and prosperity for my family. In the short term, I have started my job so need to get my probationary training period done to earn my full potential, we are buying a house closer to my job so the children will be enrolled at new preschools and we will all have to adapt to a new life (with a nanny aswell lol).  So lots of changes ahead for us in 2012 which I hope go really well.

Delta, I wish you the best of luck in finding THAT job, pretty elusive but out there somewhere for you.


Thanks Dunni73. Exciting times for you ahead. All the very best for the job and new year.


Happy New Year and good luck to you both with landing THE new job, and a great new home!

As for me, in 2012, I would like to pass my viva - and odd as this may sound - finally get affordable health insurance. The latter sort of falls under your "health, happiness and prosperity" category.


Best of luck Delta landing THE job, but you will - this is your year(up)

Me? Health and happiness for my family and friends, my twin boys (aged 14) to leave the angst behind and to STOP fighting pleeease, my husband not to have to do so much overtime which will be achieved by me also landing THE job!!!


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Apart from the obvious (see health, happiness, etc) I want my PhD. After that R&R I really want that PhD. Desperately and asap. I also wish I were a bit slimmer (I put on 30 kilos in the last couple of years - metabolic problems + stress).


marasp, after all you've been through you deserve a star and I've given you one! Keep the faith, you'll get there.

Hope everyone else gets what they want

2012 will be a great year, OUR year!


Good luck everyone in achieving what you want in 2012.

I'm at the end of my first year of my PhD now, as I started in January 2011. Research-wise, this year I want to collect all of my data (hopefully starting this in March) and iron out some of the bad writing habits I have developed. I'd like to go to some conferences as well, and generally gain a bit more confidence in myself as a researcher. I will also have my transfer in the summer so hopefully that will go well.

Personally, I'd like to be a bit more organised with my finances and save a little money each month. I'd like to earn more money from teaching so that I can give up my part time nannying job.


Sadly, I'm personally reminded of that Rolling Stones song...


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"(I can't get no) satisfaction" by any chance? If so, I can so relate to it (and you)!!! I feel your pain Wally but It'll all come good in the end...if not, we'll die...


You were fairly close there, Delta. I was thinking of 'You Can't Always Get What You Want', also by the Rolling Stones!