What is the best/weirdest conference stash you've ever got?


best: Cotton bag from Aberdeen I got last week with a cool Centre for the Novel logo on it. I take it to the gym and look like a trendsetter!
weirdest: Mini calendar of Moscow State University by night, unusable as it is all in Russian and I speak no Russian (the conference was not even in Russia, but one of the delegates brought them for the packs).

I'd also like to know what to do with all the name-badges I am amassing (I'm thinking of making shoe clips out of them because I am thrifty).


I used to give them (name tags) to my daughter to play 'work'.


the best: a cool vinyl navy blue postman bag which was actually really handy during the conference.

the worst: a dark blue cotton tote which colored off onto EVERYONE's light clothing within 5 minutes - very popular...


I am collecting conference badges because I am curious as to how many ways my name can be mis-spelled. Up to 6 now!


The last conference I went to they had managed to spell the word "university" wrong on my badge...


Excellent. I've not had one of those yet, but I'll look out for it.


a jar of honey



@ phdgirlie: I urgently need to hear the story behind the laxatives!


Dead flowers. I don't have the heart to throw them away.


it was at a dieticians conference and the guy gave me about 10 packets(!!!) and said 'try these (not sure if this was directed at me specifically or for patients!) there new and very effective. '


Hahahaha! Given the food at conferences (ooh pastry! Wow, pastry again...and a pastry garnish! Divine!) you probably needed the laxatives.


Best: cufflinks

Weirdest: booze!!


I've had some seriously weird stuff - two of my favourites were chocolates shaped as worming tablets, and a mug advertising an incontinence treatment. My free welly bag was a good one too.


Best: Marimekko cow-print bag as conference bag... I still use it all the time!

Worst/Weirdest: A Microsoft lime-green bandana!!! I use that for dusting my desk lol...