What is the earliest you have ever arrived at the lab/office


Good Morning!

I was wanting to share this morning - I have had a few weeks of feeling horrendously lethargic and very VERY unmotivated (we have almost all of us been there!) an yesterday and today I forced myself out of the slump!

So yesterday and today I have been behind the desk at Uni by 7 am, gotta say there is something rewarding about seeing the sun come up with my cup of coffee in hand in the office!

So guys...spill. What are your tricks for getting out the slump and out of curiosity what is the earliest anyone has arrived to work THROUGH CHOICE.

Happy coffee drinking everyone *hugs*



I love this thread! For me it is about 7:50am. But I've stayed pretty late. Easier to work when everyone is out of the way, I find!


Hi Tudor!

Exactly, it is much easier to work without people coming in and out all day.

Mid slump I had worked from home (at least that's what I kept telling myself), I am not an unmotivated person as such but at times I can be the most awful procrastinator and I do mean AWFUL, so I think getting back to the office and the change of scenery is what I needed.


I tend to get in between 5:30 and 6:30am. I'm a morning person though, it also means I can leave the office when it's still light without feeling guilty about doing so.

I do take a two hour break at 11 until 1 to go to the gym, have lunch etc, but apart from that I work constantly. I'm lucky enough to have my own office at the moment, so absolutely no distractions


5.30 is the earliest I've been in... and that was a Saturday too!

But generally I'm a lateish starter, I like to do things in the morning (like exercise, read, clean...) so I usually get in around 9 - 10.30 and leave around 6-7 on a normal day, or 8.30-10.30 pm when I was writing up and writing papers.

The latest I have stayed is 00.30 I think.

I kind of like it when there's no-one around too actually!

To get out a slump, I just keep working, I make it to coffee time, I make it to lunch, I make it to dinner, and slowly but surely the day is over and I can go home. Eventually it becomes easier and the slump is over.


Very interesting question. Well, as for me, I usually gets up at about 6:00 as I need to get to my work by 8:00. Sometimes it is really hard to pull yourself together and go to work :). I recommend to drink a cup of coffee, eat some breakfast( I like to eat bananas :) ), do some physical exercises and after that I guarantee you will fell better.


Hi Bev! Yeh, I think it is the change that does it - shocks the system into doing some work!


5.30 am though, erm, by 'office' I mean my spare bedroom that I do all my thesis writing in ;)


Hi Zutterfly,

Haha! I love it! If thats your office then you arrived at work! (I would definitely still be in my PJs thought - cuppa in hand)



I think the earliest I've ever started is probably 6am, at my home office too :)


5.45 - but its an hour drive from home so I have to leave my bed at 4.30 to be at this time at work.

Normally its between 6.15 and 7.15, depending if I can have to car or need to take a bus.

Morning person here, too (and mother - hence I live constantly with 5 hours of sleep), and I have to make sure that I am at home when my small one is done with kindergarden ;-)


Oh my goodness 4:30... but I can see why you do it if it takes that long WITHOUT the rush hour traffic. I've recently started working at home from 8 ish to 10, and then heading to the uni office (avoiding rush hour and thus saving twenty min).