Work/study balance


I'm currently studying a part-time MSc in Drug Design and Biomedical Science. I fund most of it through working 18 hours a week at ASDA, but minimum wage does not support living costs much! (Have applied for benefits and Career Loan to help with course costs).
I took a gap year after graduating with a 2.2, a basic job and never looked at my subject during that time. Since starting the MSc, I feel very disconnected from the scientific community, nervous in practical labs and feel like everyone has a better grasp of the modules than I do. Something akin to "Imposter Syndrome" plus heavy procrastination.
I would love to gain experience in a laboratory outside of the course. Paid would be ideal, but I'm getting the impression this is very difficult to obtain.

So no set routine, feel out of place on the course, short of money every month.....would it be worth trying to improve the situation and look for a paid part-time lab job and finish the MSc? Or would employers consider me with just a 2.2?


Given the current climate and job prospects for successful phd students in the sciences personally I'd do everything I could to pass the masters and then look for a well paid (read any) job going. Good luck!


Thanks for replying! From what I hear, it's almost always tough for PhD students to find a this changing do you know?

Also, finding a part-time paid lab job.....when I write that it sounds more like something you find at the end of the rainbow.

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I remember the old joke ' you want fries with that?' Of course, nowadays we wouldn't even get that!


It is far more difficult to get a professional job with a PhD (in any discipline) than it is to get one with with "only" a vocational-leaning Master's and some decent work experience.