10 minute presentation



Has anyone had to do a 10 minute presentation before? I have to do one for the faculty at the end of June. I have my structure and material but not sure where to put most of my focus? i'm in my final year so have alot of material. Structure - so far but this is working out to be about 25 minutes.

Limited introduction - about myself/research interest
Background to research
Framework for research
research questions
Findings to date
Future research
Impact and summary!

How can I condense this. any advice appreciated. Thanks


Hi Athena. Presentations are all about the hook/message. Think about what and who the presentation is for. What you want to get out of it and/or what you want your audience to get out of it. You only have 10 minutes so you can't cover everything. With such a short amount of time, you really have to cut out anything that is non essential - do you really need to introduce yourself for example? It may be better to just get stuck in!

It's pretty hard to give you a more specific answer without knowing more about the situation, but focus on who your audience is and what you want to achieve and that should help.

Good luck. you can always message me if you have any more questions. G


Hi Athena
First of all best of luck for your presentation session.

I think you should target your Most important topics for your presentation, anything which is not essential you should avoid those topics, and then make sure that at the time of presentation you must connect your audience with your presentation it's very important to connect audience during the presentation.

You should also work on the related cross questions of your presentation because after your presentation, Audience can make cross questions with you.

Good Luck :)


Hi Athena, I've done a few 10-15 min talks. I agree with what others have said and target your audience. I think you either need to just talk about one of your chapters/key findings or the overall findings of your thesis without going into methods etc. You can't do both or it will be rushed or go over time. I have concentrated on one chapter when I've done mine so that I can go into methods a little bit. Also with such a short talk you don't need much background or a summary except maybe one or two bullet points.


Hi folks,

Thanks. Can really see that i'm over complicating it just now. I'm going to focus on my preliminary findings and cut the rest back. Hopefully i'll get it right!


Sounds like a good plan Athena! The great thing about short talks is you can focus on all the exciting stuff and make your research sound amazing and miss out the less exciting stuff =)