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Anyone met their examiners before viva?

Like emmaki, communication with my examiners was not allowed before the viva. I actually had met both of my examiners previously at conferences, but I didn't know them well and certainly couldn't talk to them about anything to do with the viva in advance.

Thesis submission

Congrats, GM! Remember that getting this far is such an achievement. And what you're feeling is completely normal. Keep us posted. Thinking of you <3 G xxx

Is this vaguely normal a week before viva, and if so what the heck do I do about it?!?

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Very helpful - I passed with v minor changes :-D

Viva was absolutely lovely in the end with two very rigorous but extremely kind & helpful examiners :-D

Well done and congratulations!

Thesis help please!

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Look at other theses and follow that, but only if it's logical for your work.

Hi alfa11. This is great advice from ToL. I think the way that I worked out my structure was by looking through a lot of other people's theses that were directly in my field. This should give you a good starting point. Then if you want to diverge or do something different, you can.

Good luck!

Success! Thanks to all :)

Congrats Dr Lemonjuice! Well done and good luck with corrections!

Final stages of writing & personal life stress

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I did also see a counsellor weekly for a while and that helped.

It sounds like you're making really positive steps. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother - grief is a (very) long and complicated process. My mum died a few years ago. Don't hesitate to go back to have some grief counselling if you feel like you need it. Things can continue to crop up over a very long period of time.

It does get easier and we do learn how to deal with it better. But it's ok to find things difficult, and it takes a strong person to recognise when they need help and ask for it.

*hugs* x

Wanting to submit soon but supervisor not read anything!

This sounds very unreasonable on the part of your supervisor. How long is it since you sent him the work - I know you say over the course of the last 2 years, but has he really not given you any feedback in that time? Have you sent it piece by piece or all in one go? Do you have any agreement about how long feedback etc. should take?

From my experience, I would say that this is completely unacceptable. What you do about it is a different matter. Have you emailed asking him about feedback at all? Is there anyone else you can speak to about this? Sorry - I know I'm posing more questions than answering, but I'm really surprised. I think you need to speak to someone else - perhaps before your planning meeting with your supervisor - to work out a plan of attack. I don't think the department / university would find this acceptable. It may be that he's happy with everything you've sent. But, you need some feedback - whether it be good or bad - to know if you're on the right lines.

Sending you a massive virtual hug! I"m so sorry you're going through this.

Thank YOU! (Hardbound copies submitted - DONE!)

Thanks so much everyone!

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Many congratulations! :) I hope you have a well-earned break planned x

Unfortunately no - I'm teaching atm, so no rest for the wicked! ;)

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Congratulations Dr glowworm, that is awesome! I'm starting my corrections today so hope to be in your position very soon :)

Good luck! It's so worth it and well done for getting this far! =D

Thank YOU! (Hardbound copies submitted - DONE!)

I really wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum. I've just submitted my final hardbound copies today and I'm so relieved and proud.

This forum has been a huge help to me over the past year or so. Thank you everyone for all your help, support and advice. This forum has been an invaluable resource for getting me through, even (/especially) when I felt like there was no one else to turn to.

I plan to continue to contribute and hopefully help other people, even just a little bit, the way that you've all helped me



I passed!

Woo! Massive congratulations Dr. theboakster!!! =D

You're more than welcome - and well done!!

Rereading thesis before viva - it's not very good :(

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Hi boakster!

Hope everything went okay yesteday :)


Me too! I've been thinking of you...

Support network for part time PhD

First of all, congratulations for graduating! Well done!

Regarding the PhD and the support network, I think it depends on the institution. Where I did my PhD, I was the only student in my field, and I found it quite a hard and lonely process at times. I was able to find support by going to conferences and summer schools and keeping in touch with other students in my field through that. I think this was probably a 'life-saver' or at least a PhD-save for me!

If you do your PhD somewhere that has a thriving Postgrad community, I don't think it would matter if you're FT or PT. If I could go back in time and change anything, it'd be to go somewhere that has a good community. I made it through ok, but only with the help of some of my far away colleagues. They were fortunate because they had all that help and support right on their doorsteps / in their offices. I do think it'd make a big difference.

Good luck with the decision.

Rereading thesis before viva - it's not very good :(

Good luck tomorrow theboakster - keep us posted! =D

Can I refer to illustrations in footnotes?

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Yeah, I kinda agree with you guys. Thanks for your input.

I'll find some way of mentioning it in the main body.

Cool - glad we could help! =D


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One bit of advice I got was that you should choose a hobby that you can immerse yourself in, so that your mind doesn't wander to the PhD stuff - for my partner it is playing a musical instrument, for me it's reading, for others it's doing sport - something that engages your brain in such a way that you completely switch off from other things.

That's a really good point, chickpea! As weird as it may sound, I discovered art, specifically nail art, as a result of doing my PhD. I get so absorbed in what I'm doing that I don't even think about anything else while I'm doing it. And I definitely feel better for it afterwards.

Gym and exercise is good too, but I struggled with motivation, especially on cold, wet days like today. i've done a lot more since I submitted! =D