216 Hours: The Movie


Hi everyone. Unfortunately, this movie isn't as exciting as the movie directed by Danny Boyle, 127 hours. It's also substantially longer at exactly 216 hours, vs. Boyle's 90 minutes. There's also no stars in it - apart from the 5 that I own - just me. It's about the fact that I have exactly 9 days to get my thesis submitted, and there's such a lot still to do. The protagonist will be experiencing late nights, random attacks by Microsoft Word and an unpredicatable, fiery relationship with a dodgy internet connection.
It could prove to be an entertaining film, owing to the fact that it'll be written and directed (more or less daily) as I work towards the end goal. There'll almost certainly be a high speed car/bus chase, as I rush into uni to get the bugger printed off. I may also prove reminiscent of Jack Bauer in 24, as I experience stresses and strains minute-by-minute. I hope someone is kind enough to write a review on the excellent Film Review thread when they've finished 'watching' it, so roughly in around 216 hours.

Starting now...Boop...Beep...Boop....Beep!


You can do it!


Good luck Wally!!!


Do you think it will go straight to DVD???

Good luck with it (up)


Hi Walminski

So it's submission 9 days from now, ie 15th of January. Can i enquire why such an arbitrary date has been chosen. It does'nt sound like it's a deadline imposed by the university, I would have thought that would be to the start of the month? Is it a job thing, or just self imposed?.

Anyways good luck with it, allow at least 3 hours for printing and binding, and remember to check when the printer/binding facility you plan to use is open. If your feeling really organised you could even forewarn them of your sudden custom.

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I can't even read this, because it makes me feel physically sick about my lack of progress with mine :-(

But wish you the best of luck Wal, just make sure you don't get your hand stuck under the thesis when you're done, it could be longer than 127hours before you're found!


That is looming pretty quick! I am looking forward to the high energy viewing as a preview of what I have to come lol. I am hoping to submit in April and am taking it easy currently. I may look back on that statement and kick myself!!

Good luck with it all

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Good luck Walminski...btw who would you cast to play yourself if it went to Hollywood...and would there be a romantic lead as well? I loved the post about the 'straight to dvd'-lol. Anyway now it must be eight days...you can do it though. Cheers...:-)


Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

@ Pjlu - Who would play me if the movie rights are bought by Hollywood? Most likely someone frenetic and quirky, like Lee Evans. As for someone to represent my dodgy internet connection (the leading female role)...erm...cantankerous and unpredictable...I'll have to think about that one.

@Sneaks - I wouldn't feel sick about it at all. The difference is, you have a demanding supervisor who has side-tracked you with reams of additional work and I've just been left to focus on my PhD (more or less).

@Ady - Ha ha, I reckon it will most likely go straight to DVD and sit below such movie gems as 101 Dalmatians 2, Road Trip Beer Pong, Cruel Intentions 3 and Jefro Live.

@Cakeman - Thank you for the tips - I'll take them on board. The date to submit was chosen by my supervisors. They've arranged something with the Graduate Research Office and my viva is anticipated to be around 4 weeks after submission.

So in tonight's exciting instalment of 216 Hours, I've got all of the references properly sorted out. There was a tense moment when I couldn't find the correct date for some conference proceedings and you could cut the air with a knife at one point, when I couldn't correctly source a reference for one of my assertions. I'll start proofreading and checking over things early tomorrow.


sorry I had to dash off there rather abruptly Wally! I meant to say good luck, don't panic and you'll be fine! If possible, try to print and bind one copy the day before submission so you can check it over, it looks totally different once you see it bound. I actually have some nervous excitement building for you, I remember the final week sooo well. You've actually helped me get excited about my thesis for my viva which is handy as it's next week and I've been feeling like I'm soo over it now, so thanks!!

Good luck for today's installment!!


It sounds thrilling - like a good art-house classic. I'll come and watch it! Good luck, Walminskipeas - nothing like a good deadline...!


Well, yesterday was definitely the nadir of the movie - very little action - i.e. no progress. Today I've been working on the section numbers, have tidied up a couple of chapters and put those section numbers in. I have to finish the abstract tonight/this morning at the latest, and then get back into other little corrections.



I've been awake for 24 hours, working for the vast majority of time - just trying to get things done. I'm exhausted and feel like an eighties throwback at an acid house party. The movie is starting to get a little bit repetitive and I think that it'll require some serious editing. At this rate it won't be straight to DVD; it's so big it'll be a Blu Ray exclusive.
I have one more chapter that needs a bit more work and then I can just focus on the typos and presentation. There's been one tense, hair-raising moment in the sage so far: I wrote what I thought was a brief abstract, but it turned out to be 194 words long and stretched to 3 pages.

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Hey, good luck Wally. I know what you mean about feeling like a latter day raver sometimes, I've felt like that too during late night / very early morning shifts - brings back many memories... Only these days I don't take pro-plus.

I hope this 216 hour 'journey' doesn't involve you lopping off any part of your person.


oh wow Walminski, I remember few months back, you and I were in a similar place, but now I see you are much much closer to the goal! That is amazing, so close! I am so happy for you and so impressed that you're no nearly there.

keep going, only a little bit more to go.