2nd year upgrade for PhD


Good morning everyone. I can't believe it but I'm about to begin my day's work at this time in the morning - I'm looking for flying pigs and everything, because this is such a rarity. To cut to the chase, I've been thinking about my upgrade for my third year and nothing has been mentioned to me about it. I've mentioned it to my supervisory teem and they seemed to say although it was necessary, they were quite dismissive about it. So, my question is, it's so late in the day now, will I have to do one? If I have to do this upgrade, does anyone know what it typically entail? Thanks a lot, everyone.


For me upgrade (ie. confirming me on a PhD rather than an MPhil) has to be done by the 'middle of the second year', by which they mean 15th January... Not far away! I have to submit a 10,000 word chapter and supporting documents on my plans and how I see my work as an original contribution to scholarship, plus my supervisors have to supply a report. Not looking forward to the final 10 days. It seems to vary between institutions though, and its seriousness certainly seems to vary in different places.


My only upgrade was after 12 months (ie. from MPhil to PhD) so I can't help I'm afraid. Good Luck though :-)


Thanks for letting me know. It seems that with only 9 months, I may get away with having to do my upgrade because by the time they get around to organising it, I'll be nearly at the end of my funded time scale. Hmmm...