a general moan and observation

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Why are there so many annoying people around? One of my teaching universitites seems to be populated by an innordinate mount of people with half baked, opinionated views on life, the world, the universe and everything, and who don't seem to realise that there is a whole world out there, outside of there little orbits. Sometimes it amazes that such woolly thinking and narrow horizons can thrive in education, it's striking how different universities and departments can be.

And if a certain someone I work with doesn't stop banging on about themselves and asserting their (perceived) superiority in a very loud voice at every, every, every bloody opportunity I'll scream... pass the mince pies - ooohhh, I make fabulous mince pies you know, mine won an AHRC pie making competition don't you know.... arrrgghh other places I've worked see through things more, take the mickey more, but it seems that transparent self promotion, even when in the company of ones peers goes unnoticed at this particular joint. Also, I seem to be really popular with the management there, which is worrying, considering the self promoting woolly heads who appear to be getting on.

There are also some wonderful people in the department, so it's not like this is a serious problem or anything, the woolly thinking and conceit just amazes me, that's all, and I wanted to share. Does anyone else see this around them?

Here's a snowman: I made it with my own hands from pure Himalayan snow, don't you know, and it won a prestigious ice sculpting award, don't you know. (snowman)


With regards to my own university, I completely agree Eska, and just to throw a bit more cynicism in: more than half of my department are complete tossers. Honestly, some of the debates that come up in my research seminars leave me absolutely baffled and/or appalled. One thing I notice is how defensive and opinionated some people can be about ridiculous or petty things. Another thing I detest is when people make it clear that they regard their own topic as harder/more important etc. Sometimes I just sit there thinking GET OVER YOURSELVES.

Of course, there are also some really nice and wonderful lecturers/students/postdocs.  I'm not saying that everyone is awful but I really do get the impression sometimes that there are some people in academia (or at least, in my uni) who are just living in a little bubble. M,x


I think it's the general facet of students at University who are starting to realise they have opinions and voice them to boost their own ego and to test whether someone else has an opposing opinion that's better that they can learn from. It's part of them growing up and finding out about themselves, an unslightly by-product ;)