A little something for the weekend...


I recently passed my PhD with minor corrections.

I can't recall details of much of the viva as I was very nervous throughout. It lasted less than three hours and the questions I was expecting didn't really come up. It was tougher than I expected and the questions mainly revolved around methodology and statistics.

In my opinion, you need to know your thesis inside out and understand why you made the decisions you did. I didn't spend long preparing for it and don't think additional preparation would have helped. It was very much driven by the examiners and their take on my thesis and wasn't how I'd imagined it was going to be.

I'm just relieved it's over!


Yaaaaay (up), fab news Delta, I'm delighted for you. You can really enjoy your Christmas now.

Right, so you've spurred me on to get a move on!

Congratulations(gift)(tree) (snowman)(robin)

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So please for you Delta! all that worrying was for nothing!!! you ARE amazing - we all knew it anyway :-)





Congratulations! Amazing news. Glad those worst-case-scenario threads are redundant now. ;-)


Thanks everyone! Seriously glad it's over.


Dear Dr. Delta,

Congratulations!!! Well done! I have not been around the forum for some days and came back to see this good news.



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Fantastic news Dr Delta!

This is the best Christmas present ever! Well done! You must be very proud.

And, as far as your considerations on the viva are concerned - I subscribed entirely - my personal experience was very much the same.



Hey Delta, awesome news, CONGRATS :) Least you will be able to enjoy Xmas now with the viva over and done with. My viva experience was very much like yours- questions I couldn't possibly predict and no extra prep would have touched on them! Hope you've got time to celebrate now! KB


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Thanks everyone. I wish everyone who has a viva soon all the very best. It may be difficult but try to get a good nights sleep before the viva (I didn't and suffered for it) and try to relax and remain calm throughout as it'll help you think more clearly.
Best of luck!


hi Delta
thanks for sharing
love satchi


Hi Delta,

just saw this, congratulations!! Well done!! I am very happy for you!

First celebrate, then think about the minor details!


Congratulations Dr. Delta....so pleased for you!

I concur with your viva experience....I can't remember very much about mine either and I didn't prepare much except by reading through my thesis which was enough really....I'd advise anyone just to know their thesis really well too and to relax and go for it!

Very well done!(up):-)


Thanks everyone. The forum was my greatest source of support during the three years and so thanks to you all. You made it a lot easier!


Congratulations Dr Delta! I am so pleased it all went well for you and such a relief to have it all wrapped up before Christmas. I agree that pre-viva get some rest and relaxation as it is a tough nerve-wracking experience. Prep for me was knowing my thesis inside out and putting it into context of other methodologies/future research etc. Nothing could have enlightened me either about the examiners questions! It is such an individual experience.

Enjoy your celebrations  (up)