A little Volunteering??


Hi there,

I am currently in the second year of a PhD. It is going quite well, I am very busy but I feel I would really benefit from doing some volunteering. I have gone from undergrad (at 19) through masters and into PhD. My academic CV is good, other experience is pretty much nil (I have had quite a few jobs but all unskilled student type jobs). Also as we all know, by the nature of PhDs it would be good to get out at some point in the week and do something a little different. Having said that, the area I am looking into would be related to my area of research, but I would be helping people, rather than unwinding theoretical ideas. Just wanted to know if anyone had experience of doing some volunteering as well as their PhD? Good Idea?



There is a scheme where you can become a researcher in residence at a local secondary school ...


Worth investigating & a very worthwhile experience according to some people I know who have done it. It will also look good on your C.V., and gain you some teaching experience!


Thanks for that

That sounds good, so you know people who incorporate some volunteering along side their PhD? I have a teaching role with the undergrads, so looking a little broader?

Just trying to get some opinions about the general idea...



Hello- I do a bit of volunteering, and it is well worth doing. I think it helps to get a bit of extra experience and its very rewarding as well, plus you get to meet lots of interesting people. This website is excellent for finding out about all sorts of volunteering vacancies:


So hopefully there should be something there in your area that might be something you'd like to do.


I volunteer as well. My research is with older people, so I volunteer at a local seniors center. I just found the time for it, I do 1 day a week. Of course it is very rewarding, and as cheesy as it sounds, it helps me during those 'Phd ruts' and reminds you why you are doing the research in the first place.


Does your University have some sort of 'widening access' scheme with secondary schools you could help with?