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I am searching for a website where i can find any type of phd problems as well as their solution. As, phd studying, phd jobs,....

Please help me soon.(mince)


Thanks everyone for the help but i found phdland.com as one of the good resources.



Er... you are here already?!


I don't find any useful stuffs here. I am searching for awesome website.


Not everything in everyone's brains is recorded on the internet you know. Sometimes you have to communicate with fellow humans to get what you need.


What are you expecting to find? A PhD website with people describing themselves as being practically on the verge of orgasm throughout their PhD studies, or describing in graphic detail some illness they developed from the stress of working on it?

I think you'll find that this website caters for the majority of problems experienced by PhD students!8-)


Since i am searching for a website that shows all the information on scholarship fro studying a phd, from different universities with details.


I had been a consultant for my students who asked to about studying phds and the jobs after phds. I told them to search them in the web, and i think you too are facing same problem.
I think you need a perfect "Phd resource", so try to find "Your phd resource" in search engine.

And you will find phdland.com. I still need to check it, still you can view it. Don't forget to search other resources in web via search engine.



Somehow, it is useful for me. phdland.com is not so good for me as it provides few information on scholarship and a great information about the vacancies. Still i need other stuffs.


I do not think that what you are looking for actually exists. It seems you basically want somewhere where all the information is given in one place re positions, scholarships, how to apply, problem solving etc. Unfortunately it is not so easy. You would need to look at several different websites, talk to numerous people and try to get there. findaphd.com is actually one of the best (if not the best...at least for Europe and in particular the UK) I have found. Other countries might have their own.

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What about www.jobs.ac.uk
You can search for academic jobs and studentship opportunities - it's where I got the details to apply for my PhD.

If not you will probably just have to search for specific information you require individually.