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Hi. I am currently a final year undergraduate student in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia. Just now, my lecturer ask me if i want to continue my study in postgraduate, in other word, i am not taking Master but straightly continue postgraduate. So i really need some opinion about my situation. Do i have courage to do postgraduate ? Or i am too young which this year is my 22-birthday..will i be fine ?


Age got nothing to do with research, mate. However, it is better you get a MSc then, proceed with a PhD. Cheers.

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Quote From sre292:

Age got nothing to do with research, mate. However, it is better you get a MSc then, proceed with a PhD. Cheers.

Or depending on your grades and the country, proceed straight to Phd. Many countries with an English style system will allow you onto a PhD with an upper second class degree.

However, Masters will give you a better grounding as preparation for a PhD. The project period will give you an idea of how a post-graduate project is structured.

Whether you do the latter will probably depend on financing. As regards age, many people start Masters and PhD aged 21 or 22 straight after their undergraduate degree. However, you may feel you want to work for a few years and come back.

That said, your lecturer or tutor may think you've got the ability to attempt either Masters or PhD. Go talk a little more with him.

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Sre & Ian, thanks for your opinion. I will try to discuss this matter deeply with my lecturer. I am afraid if i can not give the best performance since i skip Msc and continue doing PhD. But this is an offer and chance for me to continue study in oversea (might be in UK), which require a lot of money. and my uni will get the scholarship for me. that is why i decided to take this challenge. well since im not from a rich family, i guess this is my opportunity. wish me the best of luck :) for PhD is it better if im taking the class or research ?


You do not say what your subject is, but personally I think there is a big difference between undergraduate and post graduate work and it would be better to take the intermediate stage (masters) so that you have experience of the process, also there is a difference between taught post grad and one where you are in charge of your own work, so you need to find out what sort of research it is. it is difficult to say exactly how you would cope in any of these scenarios because every PhD is different, but the best thing would be to clarify what your lecturer is suggesting before you go any further.