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disagreements with examiner at viva

Come on, grow up. Get the correction done and get ur Phd and Dr title first. Then go ahead talk about ur so call principle and all sort of other things. It’s not worth the crying merely cos of ego. Certainly it was not your fault and solely your supervisor or whoever selected that moron to be your examiner is at fault. Now it is too late to cry and make big fuss, kindly get the correction done as required and get on with your life. Welcome to academic world and all d best, mate.

Visa for a visiting PhD student

Very simple, Just call NZ High Commission at http://www.nzembassy.com/united-kingdom/about-the-high-commission/contact-us.
Problem solved. I guess, should not be of any problem at all because I have done that before.
Happy researching, cheers.

a wise opinion needed

Age got nothing to do with research, mate. However, it is better you get a MSc then, proceed with a PhD. Cheers.

Lecturer post at my uni

I had been in a similar sort of a position. Just apply for the position if you are really interested. If they hire you, good for you, else a lost for univ. If you include your Supervisor’s name as referees, then you need to at least scribble an email to inform him. Cheers mate.

viva in 3 weeks: big errors and terrified

Firstly, you need to be confident when appearing in front of your examiners. Remember and kindly make you mind that you know better than the examiners. The examiner could be expert in the field, but you are the one who spend 4 years working on the same narrowed subject. When you appear, bring along a copy of your thesis and a blank sheet of paper. Title the blank sheet of paper Amendments and left section of the paper, just scribble Page. The idea is that to inform Examiners indirectly that you have appear well prepared to accept any correction going to be suggested by the examiner. Defence yourself constructively, but when you noticed that the examiner is pressing in the same point, then just back off, let the examiner win. Remember don’t be obstinate to argue for the point that you think genuinely the examiner was wrong. In my viva, I found the Prof was ignorance on some fact and still insisting he was right, I merely smile and agree with him. After all, the examiners are human too, so if you notice any change of face that you could easily detect, go easy, immediately back off from the point you are arguing. Don’t worry, always remember that examiner is there to pass you. Cos it is a headache to provide reasons and follow up if she/he fails you. Keep your list of errors with you and remain cool. Attend the viva confidently. Usually, the examiner also won’t notice the errors you had made. Above is a penny thought based on my experience completing doctorate in UK in 2.5 years and viva voce in 2.5 hours successfully.Cheers


Phd Interveiws rejection very dissappointing

Hi, U would hv a better chance of being accepted for a Phd research if you try applying at your last univ, where u did ur MSc.
Go thru your last Supervisor. Happy researching, Cheers.

PhD Books/Guides

One and the only book that I referred too, was “How to get a PhD” written by Estelle M. Phillips and Derek S. Pugh, and published by Open University Press. I used the book throughout my research, which was completed less than 2 1/2 years at UK. I am very much sure that you will find the above book very helpful.
Happy researching, Cheers.

Feeling inadequate for research

Don’t worry sparkles, you will do fine. Remember Thomas Edison had only 3 months of schooling during his entire life, and Henry Ford had less than a sixth grade schooling. All you need is some positive thinking. Please go and fetch some positive thinking books online or at a library and you should be fine. Perhaps, you should spend some time reading “Think & Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill. Happy researching, cheers.

Quitting my PhD ?

Take it easy mate. Majority of Phd students had thoughts of quitting but yet they complete their researches successfully. Give yourself off for few days and come back to your research. You will find new things and new approach. Happy researching, cheers.

Letting go and submitting!

Go ahead and submit, there is no end to correction if you keep on staring at your chapters. Examiners are not looking for a perfect thesis. Take it easy on yourself and submit. All the best and good luck on your viva.

Possible to finish a PhD in 2 - 2.5 years?

It was possible back then in 2010, but I am not sure whether it is still available. I got into Direct Phd (in UK) and allowed me to complete thesis and clear viva within 2.5 years. Happy researching, cheers.

Urgent help required from current PhDs

Don’t bother mate, it doesn’t matter though. You can do your research related Pakistan or even Malaysia, as long as your supervisor is happy to guide you. I had come across many theses at UK, which were related to wherever the students were originated from. What matters most are that , you go to the research website of the particular university that you are applying, and check out what are the required items to be covered on your proposal such as original contribution, how would your research change the perspective of the research matter, …etc.

Minor corrections

Don’t worry ‘scared’, you will do fine. In fact, examiners got better things to do than go after you. If the examiners didn’t pass you, it will look bad on them since they gave ‘minor correction’ in first place. You can be well assured that you have passed and can look forward for your graduation ceremony. Good luck in your job search. Cheers.

Unemployed, no prospects :(

Rigel, pls take it easy on yourself. It is norm to go thru hardship in life. Ponder on those who live life without any limbs and yet they are happy. There are always people out there who go thru life worse than us. Hang on to it. I am sure the tide will change and the happier moment will come beyond your imagination. Perhaps you can join some volunteer group to do something and who knows from there you can get to know someone and get some better job.
You got to get busy doing something and not to let your mind wanders. Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. Take care, cheers

phd certificate

Univ insignia, univ name, This is to certify that (your name) has been awarded the Degree of Philosophy in recognition of a programme of work entitled (your thesis title). Date. VC and Chancellor signatures.Univ seal.
Nothing on school or field of research were mentioned. Cheers.