access to a thesis online, help please


Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me access this thesis and send me the full copy of it:

Thanks in advance.



Haven't accessed the link but wondered whether the thesis would be at the British Library site?

Check it out.


Hi Chuff,

I have tried to find the thesis in Ethos but could not find it there):


Not all authors ahve given permission for their work to be scanned for the electronic system- if that is the case then your best bet is to try interlibrary loans (try speaking to a librarian at one of the libraries that holds it - they are really helpful)


I have checked with my uni library and they said they cannot help me with thesis from proquest. What should i do??


Anyone with access to PROQUEST??


As I said before your best bet is Interlibrary loans for UK theses as they are held in British Library and the library of the university where the degree was taken. Try speaking to a librarian at the uni where the degree was taken - I spoke to someone at Birmingham about accessig a thesis which has not been digitised and they were really helpful.


Is it a US thesis? You might just have to order a printed copy. I purchased a copy of a US thesis on my topic through ProQuest. Annoying that my Uni doesn't subscribe to their electronic copies but it wasn't more expensive than books in my field and it was directly related to my topic. I had to wait about three or four weeks for it to arrive though, as I recall.
Otherwise try to speaking to staff at the big copyright libraries (British Library, Bodleian Oxford, UL in Cambridge) - they might be able to help and if you are an HE student at another British uni you can get a ticket to use some of their facilities.