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Everything crossed for Sneaks



need help fast

Hi Sneaks,  Long time no post but early New Year
what else is there! Many congrats on submitting.  I know you haven't asked for
it :-) but my advice for viva - keep ticking over until 2-3 weeks out by reading
around your subject area, swotting up on examiners work etc, then actively
engage with the thesis again - summarise chapters, noting down the questions you
would ask, use viva prep book recommended on here, practice answering the
questions to yourself (in fact the more talking to yourself the better, you answer questions very differently when you say them out loud you will need to practice this). Then you're into the territory of being confident in your argument, defend your work
but accept and acknowledge there are different views and ways - not necessarily better, just different!  All the very best, you've been such a great source of support to many on this forum you deserve a straight pass :-) Happy 2012.  Chuff

I passed!

Haven't been on here for ages, just looked in to see if any of the names i knew had any news.. and what great news.
Well done KB. Very well deserved.
Allow yourself time to feel whatever comes at you.
Regards, Chuff

I really need to get a grip

You can and you will do it.

Early submission in 6 weeks, viva in 7 weeks!

For all reasons stated below, this is a top result. Post submission to viva is a nasty time, when to read, how to read, what did i mean by this etc etc. This way - perfect.

No tv and no forum! for you for 8 weeks.


Eeeeek- dilemma! How would you feel about this?

KB - echoing all other comments - do it.
No-one will ever read your thesis, it's your ticket to other things. It needs to be good enough and that's all. Your publication acceptances suggest that its better than good already.
This is a wonderful opportunity and one that those who know you and your work are backing you for.
Six weeks is plenty of time, you'll be amazed what you can do when the clocking is counting down.

Chapter Word Counts

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Hi Lyle,

I agree with Sneaks, 10,000 per chapter does seem to be the guide.
But as with all these things life's not like that, you'll find that you'll flex and your PhD will end up being what it needs to be to tell your story. It is so dependent on your field.

Mine PhD - qualitative, social sciences was 6 chapters and went a bit like this = 8k - intro, 20k - lit rev, 18k - method (incl method dev.), 15k - findings, 15k - discuss, 6k - conc.

That said, I would put your chapter 2 before your chapter 1, as someone said earlier, the aims are really the introduction to the study - why it's important and what we don't already know. Your chapter 7 and 8 may merge too.

All the best, enjoy it. Chuff

qualified to be a PhD supervisor?

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Hello all.
Someone asked me a question i don't know the answer to, so I thought I'd ask the forum.
I finished my PhD a few months ago, so does that make me "qualified" to be a sup?
I can't imagine there's an exam you have to do ;-) (especially given the stories I've read on here about sups who would have failed with merit!)
My knee-jerk, common sense response is that you're ready when others think you are, you're given someone to sup and you get one through :-)
What's your thoughts?

Want to Quit, how to tell Advisor?

Hi nottofret

In the way I've read your post you've seemingly answered your own question. You've said "if I don't get a job, I will want to stay here and finish the degree"

Therefore is appears pretty "simple", get job hunting and once you've got one quit. In the meantime continue with the degree.

All the best. Chuff

to number or not to number

Hi Sneaks,

I can't believe I just had to look and see whether i did numbers in mine or not ??!!?!! After all the hours and hours you stare at it, after just what a few months i can't remember :-)

I numbered up to 3 as you have your first post.

All the best. Chuff

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely news, well done P.


weak conclusions and phd fail

Hi Blue.

I suspect your PhD is well outside my area.

I'm sure someone famous must have said this but do we not learn as much from failure as we do from successes. The fact that your experiments didn't work is adding to knowledge isn't it, wouldn't someone learn from your experiences? I have read a number of PhD were the answer was it didn't work and they were very interesting, the conclusions in some laid the way for a future career of research.

As someone said below; defend what you've done and emphasise what you and others can learn from it.

All the best, Chuff

If you could give a first year PhD student one piece of advice for PhD what would it be?

Do you know why what you're doing is important ?

If so, and I hope you do.. remember that.

Make sure you love the subject, and enjoy it.  You will have ups and downs ... expect them ... but you'll learn from both.

Keep contact with friends and family, don't neglect them.

Have another interest, something outside the PhD.

All the best. Chuff

Ps.  i didn't do any of the above.. apart from love every minute.. but where there's a will etc.   In fact i should have just said that.. "where there's a will there's a way"

Reproducing figures from books in your own work

Hi Natassia

If you've added to it I would cite is as (adapted and extended from Einstein, 1916). This makes it clear where you got it from but also shouts out that you've added something.

All the best. Chuff

The PhD Game (revised)

Mr Beefy.

A question, just out of ideal curiosity, and because i think the sun has got to me ... why the Ian (Mr Beefy) tagline?

Not Mr Chuff :-)