Accountability Partners- Finishing your thesis on time.


Excellent post. I think I'll join in.

My 3 years ends in a couple of weeks but I'm aiming to submit some time in September.

Currently I've written about 25,000 words in random sections across my thesis. I can't seem to write anything else so my first goal is to go through everything I have so far and come up with some sort of solid plan. Hopefully then I can get down to some proper writing.


Hi ImageAnalyst and Clupea,

Welcome to the thread. We are all on the same boat!

Right, so my goals today are:

1. Do some writing. (at least a paragraph or two)
2. Troubleshooting my simuation model. (It seems like I am spending ages on this. But I cannot move forward without an accurate simulation model. Sigh!)

Good luck everyone. I hope you all have a productive day!


Sadly today's goal remains the same as yesterday's. Hope others made better progress yesterday.

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Hello everyone,

I had a slow day yesterday too and only completed goal 1 :-( So today I want (need) to:

Write 1,000 words in chp 7!!!!!

I'm going to use to hopefully stop me procrastinating!!


Hey everybody! Let me join in with you too!

I'm due to be submitting in September as well but my plans have been complicated (or enriched?) by the fact that I am also getting married at the end of August. I'm so excited but at the same time nervous as hell.

Today I'm going to edit a subsection on Chapter 4... It's going to be pretty crazy as I have another section in this chapter and 2 whole chapters to completely rewrite after this, before I even get to my conclusion, but I'm going to suck it up and just do it!

Good luck everyone! I'll report back on my progress by the end of the day. xx

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Great thread! Please let me join in too!

End of third year, but part-time. Due to submit in August 2014. So, still a bit to go, but motivation is urgently needed! :-)

Today I'm going to work on revising some codes in my analysis and further developing the codebook for the first block of documents. This thematic analysis is taking ages and it's so frustrating to work with words..and continuously discover new, alternative interpretations for them!

Good luck to everyone!!

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I didn't have a very productive day yesterday, lots of lab work and mental block when I got home so watched a movie with my husband instead.

I'm having a work from home day today, and got another sub section finished. One more (with lots of little sub-sub sections to go and that is this entire section done. Hopefully can get a fair few of them done today. Told my sup I was hoping to give him a draft sometime next week so need to get my skates on.

Good luck everyone!


This week hasn't been as productive as I hoped it would be. I've been back in the lab running some last minute experiments and working on various sections but not really finished anything. Positive thoughts though - progress is progress even if it is hopelessly disorganised. Now I just have to reorganise myself ready to get on with writing tomorrow morning!

Hope you're all doing ok and hurrah for days that actually feel like summer! :)

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Hello everyone
I've not had a very productive writing week, but I have revised my paper and uploaded it to the journal again - yay!!
I'm at work both days over the weekend, but hoping I can cram in an hour or two of writing at some point to catch up a bit.

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding tanemahuta!


Thanks Caterpillar27!!! It's so nice to be part of a motivated peer group working hard towards the same goal in the similar timeframe - it's almost comparable to doing a fun run where the mob mentality will push each other at the same time as giving each other a boost :) Speaking of fun runs I need to lose some extra pounds I've piled on during my PhD which I sadly don't think will happen due to stress and my determination to submit my thesis before the wedding, but that's a story for another thread!!!

I've felt so isolated in my phd journey and having to work away from my home town is just adding to the stress. I've been really naughty today and wasted the whole morning 'window shopping' online for shoes and wedding accessories I can't afford. Oh, but how convenient it is to have such a happy distraction that will pull me away from work, but the longer I 'indulge' in things other than work, the more stressed I get... so... must... focus...

I'm only half way through my goal today, which is to finish the last subsection of chapter 4... I've still got a ton of editing to do but the day is almost gone!!! I am glad today is the summer solstice so I can take advantage of a little extra daylight.

Good luck everyone!


Hello everyone,

Just had a reality check: Only 10 weeks till deadline!

Supervisor is still not happy with my progress even though I think I've been a little more productive than normal this week. Ah well, I guess I will just have to ignore his negative comments and keep going. The stress is just enormous its giving me a bad headache.

So my main goal for the coming week will be to finish off the design of LQR controller and move onto the design of robust controller (which is my main area of research). If I get the controller design done in the next 3 weeks, that would be great. I can spend 7 weeks for my experiments.

Goodluck everyone on finishing up your thesis. Congratulations Tnemahuta on your forthcoming wedding!

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Okay So I've had a slow morning, but this afternoon I'm going to go for it so goals:

1) Amend Table and add in extra details
2) Work out averages, ranges and other important factors
3) Finish half completed section of writing
4) Read through and edit chp so far

I think that will do for now - I hope all is going well for everyone else

Btw - my paper got accepted - no more revisions :) so happy!!

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@Caterpillar27: Congratulations!! :-) sooo a nice feeling when you can check a paper as done and accepted!!!

Ok, then, Friday and the weekend were not productive at all, now back to work. This morning was fine, I prepared a draft for a survey I need to run in the next days.
Since I work part-time on the PhD and I have 14 months till submission deadline, I will post here my goals weekly.

So, for this week:

- complete codebook 1
- run reliability test with my second supervisor
- revise block 1 of documents
- prepare draft discussion for article (ch.3)
- prepare email/plan for other article (ch.4)
- launch online survey
- complete draft for conference paper for August

I'm behind with the codebook..hope it'll work, I terribly tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing this analsis..argh!!

Wish a great week to you all!!


Congrats Caterpillar! and thanks Liah :) The wedding prep is almost done (though I'm sure I'm forgetting something) so I'll get to do nothing but my thesis for the next month or so...

So far my week is getting off to a good start... started brainstorming the last subsection of a chapter and I'm hoping to be done with this whole chapter by mid-week, then in the second half of the week I'll start rewriting the penultimate chapter - Hooray!

Today I'm tackling the following:

- Structuring the chapter
- Write an overview of what it's about
- Compile my main arguments
- Revisit the coding document then drag and drop some quotes to illustrate the key arguments
- Write up section 4.3.1 in full

Lot's to do still!!!

Hope you all have, are having, or have had a productive day!


Wow! Well done Caterpillar27! I'm currently waiting to hear back about a paper we've submitted and one I've sent to my supervisor so pretty tense right now!

Today I was doing some of my last minute experiments (I've got a bit of a list that has suddenly cropped up, but actually I quite like having a couple of days a week in the lab - I think it's helping keep me sane!)

Tomorrow I have to convert lots of results to graphs so I can start getting that subchapter written. Hoping to at least get some bullet points in place so I know what I want to write for each section.

Tanemahuta - I'm so impressed that you're planning a wedding and writing up!

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow! :)