Accountability Partners- Finishing your thesis on time.

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Hey guys,
How is everyone? It's been ages since I posted an update

I've managed to get most of materials and methods sorted and referenced, just need to see someone next week that is going to help me understand how and why I've done certain things to analyse some data.

One of my results chapters is about two thirds done. Most of the figures are there, just need to retake some images and another figure as a result of the meeting I mentioned above, and sort out figure legends and need to do the little intro/aims and discussion for the chapter.

I've got a week and a half of lab work left and then I'm into full time writing, though I hope to have this results chapter and materials and methods pretty much sorted by then- so it'll be 2 results chapters, final discussion, appendices (I have quite a lot of stuff to put in appendices) and corrections on other sections to do (when I get them back).

Good luck guys. Hope you all manage get the stuff you have planned done!!

Trin x


Hey everyone!

I, too, have been a little lazy about checking in but I am still with you and I have been working hard and making a small but purposeful progress each day... I am still keeping myself accountable for initial submission before my 4 year deadline, which is creeping up right around the corner! I am lured by the attractive carrot dangling in front of my eyes and I'm determined to do it right and give it my all.

In terms of work, this week I will be focusing on updating the introduction & conclusion chapters which need to be tweaked due to a slight diversion (or, more accurately, a better focus) reflected in my results section. In the following week I will be working on cull about 15k out of my chapter 4, which had ballooned up to 30k words unbeknownst to me, but after that I will be in full proofing mode to catch out as much of the inconsistencies and grammatical errors in my thesis as I can. I know it won't be perfect like I'd originally hoped but at this point I just want to be done and move on to the next stage of life.

One more month to go now! I am anxious as hell and a little stressed out, but fingers crossed I'll get there in the end!

So more power to everyone on the same grueling journey right up to the finish line. Let's all celebrate and throw a big party when it's all done...


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Hey guys!
So I got feedback on my intro early last week (only 12 comments and a few typos-so happy!) and have sorted that out- so the intro is done (bar re-writing my aims and objectives when I've finished everything else) so YAY!-1 section down!!

Also managed to send that results chapter draft to my sup on Friday. Still not finishes messing with the materials and methods but that's not a big deal at the min. Started generating figures for my other results chapters now and have to go into the lab tomorrow and Tuesday to get some last minute lab work done because my reagents took over 2 weeks to turn up. (I was supposed to be done in the lab on Wednesday)

So I would like to have most of my figures compiled this week for both chapters, as well as getting my last bit of lab work done.

Hope everyone else is on track.

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Hi everybody!

How are you all doing?? Who's been already able to submit? Please let us know how it's going!


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Hey, things are going alright. got a first draft of every chapter bar the final discussion which I'm working on now. I seem to struggle with discussions though as feedback on the small discussions in the results chapters needing partially re-writing. I'm waiting of more feedback from the sup on a couple of chapters.

I really want to be submitted by the end of October as after that I have to pay continuation fees backdated for 3 months and every month I take thereafter so need to get cracking.

How are you doing?



Hi, I hope it's ok if I join in! :)

I have got to submit by late December and am hoping to get the first complete draft to my supervisors by early November. I've done the literature review chapters (though they will need a bit of updating) and the findings chapters (which also need a little bit further work). I'm working on the discussion chapter now. I made a good start yesterday but was spectacularly unproductive today (life getting in the way...). I don't have much time left to spend on it tonight, but I want to write at least another 300 words of the discussion today.

Good luck to you all! :)

Moonblue :)

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Hi All,
I haven't posted for a while. I was a bit annoyed at myself for not working as quickly as I would have liked :-( My excuses (and I'm sticking to them :-p) = school holidays, ill children, procrastination and a 4 day conference. Anyway I now have a full draft thesis!! My sups are reading through it over the next week or two. I expect a fair bit of editing will be needed, but at least it's written! :-)

I'm hoping to submit by late November/early December (eeek!)

I hope you are all doing well - good luck and keep it up!! xx

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Well I haven't managed to get it ready for submission yet. I now have a first draft of everything (intro is complete bar a re-write of aims and objectives) and am in the process of making improvements based on my sups feedback, which I'm hoping will lead me to submission by the end of November but at least all the important bits are down on paper now, I just might need to create/amend a few figures with extra data just to make sure I'm getting the point across.

I am getting a bit fed up of doing it now though. I've been writing at home for three solid months, going a bit stir crazy and getting depressed about jobs, or lack thereof, especially as I can't afford to re-locate so am limited to searching within commutable distance of where I am now.

I just want to be finished now, so I suppose I best crack on then I can move on to something new.

Hope everyone else is making progress, and good luck! x


Guys, this thread has been a little lifeline for me so now I'm feeling especially unmotivated I thought I'd chip in.

Currently finishing edits to the first draft of chp1. Really pleased with this chp as it's the most tricky one and think that when I come back to go over it, there won't be too much work to do.

Basically giving myself one month from now until February to drag everything else together in chps 2 - 5.

My chps 2 and 5 are drafted and while they'll need definite re-writes, if I can get my head down, two weeks should cover it. Just allowing a month time-wise in case something bad crops up.

Chps 3 and 4 will be written in Jan and February. Notes all collected - just a matter of articulating the points.

I had wanted to submit at end of February, but think it will probably be a May 1st submission for me. My Uni allows us free leeway until Feb 1st, but then a fee for three extra months. All going well, having all chapters drafted by end of February will give me March and April to tidy up, introduce and conclude.

Writing it all down does make it sound like I might manage to complete this thing! Just have to stop beating myself up about a "late" submission... I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to those types of thoughts.

Good luck everyone else! :-)

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Hi All,

It has been an odd few weeks for me as well here, didn't manage to move on with my PhD as I wanted, mostly because of teaching duties (which I do like to attend but require so much time!!) and a few non-PhD-related articles that needed writing up and submission.

I've been in London last week to meet my sup - finally - for the first time in about a year :-) It was good to spend some time with him and my PhD-fellows, and this gave me some new motivation to push on with work.

My plan is now 'decided': I'll try submission next August/September, 5 chapters are written and revised once, they'll need some revision but it shouldn't be much work. 2 of them are already out for publications, which means they should really not need much work anymore.
I need 3 more chapters on the analysis I'm doing, that should lead to a final model, plus a 'what's next' and a conclusion chapters. And at least 1 more publication.

So, I have a plan now and the blessing of my sup to follow it. It's time to get the work done...

BlackTrinity, Caterpiller and Moonblue: keep us posted and let us know how these last weeks of work go!! You're sooo close now to get it done!! :-)

Welcome Starsgoblue :-) A big 'good luck!' with your work, please continue posting, we'll be happy to follow your progresses!

Hope everyone else is also doing well, good luck! xx


Hey all!
One more time I decide to participate in an accoutability thread.....I just hope that this time it will keep me accountable!

So, a few days ago I had a meeting with my supervisors and they told me that they want a first full draft by March. This may sound as a lot of time, but working full time in another country on a completely different subject which also needs research and presentations and seminars, having as a first a language different than that of your thesis which is in English and being a part time student do not help at all!

To keep a long story short, I have to put my head down (is there an expression like that?) and keep going!
I have drafts of all my 7 chapters, that need to be put together and form a complete, coherent text.

So for today, I want tocwork and (possibly) finish my introduction.


I'm back to repot on my progress.

It was a productive afternoon, as I managed to (almost) finish my chapter!!!!!!!

Off to celebrate!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!!


Hi all,
I would like to join please!
I am towards towards the end of my third year. I have written drafts of most chapters through out my PhD, but none is complete.
I have some data collection to do as well (i am using sequential mixed method, where I had to collect and analyse the data of each phase before I could embark on the next phase).

My plan is to submit by June next year. So, I need some motivation to keep going.
Today, I hope to complete coding (I have done most of it) and analyse the data of the last phase of my PhD. Also to plan my final data collection phase.

I hope all who aimed to submit by December were successful, please update us in your progress?

Good luck for all



Just wanted to chime in with an update - I submitted my Chapter 1 yesterday and am currently enjoying a day of guilt-free relaxation. My next mini-deadline is to have Chapter 2 sent off by the end of December. I'm hoping to do a bit of work on the 24th, and full days from 26-31st Dec. It would be an unbelievable lifeline to have Chapters 1 and 2 done by end of December/early January.

Lonelystar - Like you, I would hope for a May/June/July 2014 submission.

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So it would appear I'm not going to be submitting for another month. One of the other PhD students in our group had a really tough viva, the examiners were really picky and seemed to focus on really insignificant things so now I have to go through mine with a fine-toothed comb and be really picky with mine so I need to add some stuff and change lots.

It's also been made a little more difficult as I've been temping at a butchers in the village where I live and in the run up to christmas I've been working extra hours and I had an interview to prep for (which I was unsuccessful in :( ) so haven't looked at my thesis for over a week. Will also be working all day tomorrow and most of xmas eve so not much time. Todays focus will be trying to find a proper job, (I can continue temping for another month or so as I'm covering someones sick leave), and debating moving out of science just to get a job as its just so difficult to find a science job within commutable distance of where I am and I can't afford to movein.

Wow, reading that back its sounds a little depressing but I am a little down in the dumps and just want to get it finished. Maybe when the christmas rush is over at my temp job I won't be so tired when I've finished my shift and actually be able to focus on thesis. Really want it done by the end of January though.

Hope everyone else is progressing, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you get to relax a bit with the family over the festive period.