Accountability Partners - Write your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day


hey Gracie!! awww that is so nice to hear that my diary has helped you thank you for sharing that with me. :)

please feel free to post either in my diary or here... or both if you like! hehe

we have almost the same deadline!

the accountability idea in this thread is all Anthropolaga's idea


okay cool, See you on monday Anthropologa bright and shiny!
we're we all must report to duty! hehe.

Okay peeps.

Everyone part of the A club:

please report your aims, on monday morning (aka whenever you stumble to your computer)

and list your aim(s)for the day.

At the end of your working day. Please state exactly what you accomplished, complete honest truth!

okay see you all tommorow morning


*clocks in*

My specific aims for today are:

1. organse a detailed table of contents for my entire thesis (in zero draft format)

2. for each section write at least 1 sentence summarising (explaining) what i want to say for that section in zero draft format, do not worry about making it sound all scientific, write as if you are telling a friend...(aka thesis map)

deadline for zero draft of table of contents and detailed thesis map
midnight tonight.


I just read Joan Bolker's book too (on your recommendation Lara, so thanks ) and I am starting to write regularly also. I am not 'ABD' because I still have a quite a bit of my research to complete But I want to start writing up at the same time, to at least have 3/4 chapters done by the time I finish my research, so that I will then just have to write the final few chapters.

I have set my writing goals as the following:

1. Write 4 handwritten pages per day - 'Zero' drafts
2. Once a week type these pages and edit to first draft standard (hopefully approx. 10 typed pages!)
3. When I have the majority of a chapter in first draft format then work on structure, intro, conclusions and so on - then send to supervisors!!!


If I can keep that up until the end of September that should be the bones of my chapters 2, 3, 4 and maybe a bit of 5! I would love to join in on this thread but maybe not until 30th June because I am about to go on a holiday - Yaaaayyyy!!! Probably the last one until I finish so I am going to make the most of it... I make no apologies for not even thinking about my thesis until I get back


Can I join in?

My targets for today are to get to 8,000 of the first draft of this chapter by 6pm today (I'm currently on 6,797) and finish the particular section I'm working on with that.

This evening, after my tea, I will come back and revisit a section I've already written and add what needs to be added to it and fill in all the gaps. I'm aiming to have a very rough draft of around 9000 words by 11pm.

Good luck everyone with your goals!


Okay - Here We Go! Day 1 of Accountability:

Just as a quick note of explanation (not that it is necessary here!) - I am an anthropologist currently doing research in Argentina, but I am also needing to write up simultaneously. So my writing goals may be a bit dif/modest than most - because primarily I"m out in "the field" doing interviews throughout the day.

Day 1 Writing Goals:

1) 15 Min of Focused Writing on topic of MT and Technology
2) Field notes (2 entries)
3) 15 Min of Focused Outlining for Conference Paper


Hey Rosy!

Yup anyone can participate - we look forward to having you join after your holiday! ENJOY!!

This accountability has already been helpful for me today as I work through my list. Just knowing you guys are out there and will be checking for a post from me tonight with an update is a source of motivation.

See you tonight!


i have a new aim. i recieved an email from my graduate tutor today, and that i MUST have a full first draft of my thesis by July 1st!

so the table of contents is going to have to take a back burner, and i gotta start cracking on working on my chapters.

6 chapters. 14 days.

for the rest of the day until midnight.
I will work on chapter 3, and work on the results section based on my earlier drafts.

5 hours left..

good luck everyone, see you tonight!


Good Luck on your new aim Lara! You can do it (and we're pulling for you)!

See you guys for "check in" tonight!

Looking forward to sharing some honesty and encouragement!


Thanks Anthropologa

CeceF good luck and most definately you can join in the A gang

Same goes for you rosy!

Gracie - hope things are going okay.

i was beginning to have a panic attack, but just focusing on one section at one time. i'm faced with countless drafts, now i just gotta sift through them all and write my 1st draft all nice and neatly.

good luck guys!

starts egg timer....


okay taking a break.

Hi Rosy! i am so pleased you got the JB book! you're very welcome, I hope it helped and inspired you. i have it with me on my desk all the time.

sounds like you have a really good plan
you're goals are very well thought out and i wish you luck! :)

i wish i had done that when i was doing my research so well done you for thinking ahead!


CeCeF, wow sounds like you have a really good first draft of a chapter already! good stuff and good aims aswell! i hope it's going well!!

see you in an hour then, to find out how you got on


Anthro, I like your clearly defined aims :)
and glad to hear that this thread is working. i know what you mean, i also think, oh i better do something, don't want to log on and say, erm yah kinda didnt do anything.

and thats really fantastic that even though you're still doing field work you are making time for writing. great stuff!

it was a great idea! just the extra incentive and motivation i needed. also thanks for the encouragement and support regarding my deadline.


i am now methodically going through chapter by chapter and doing section by section. its much slower though, now that i am doing the final draft, .. but at least i know that bits done and i can move onto the next.

so far, i have done
1145 words.

okay break over..back to work.

feeling tired though, but must carry on until midnight..