Accountability Partners - Write your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day


Thanks Lara - there are lots of gaps though, and notes to myself to add things, etc!

On second thoughts, my aims for tonight were a little bit on the optimistic side (I always overestimate what I can do in a short time!). I'm on on around 8,000 words now.

I won't have time to post here in the morning, as I have an early meeting, so I will put my aims for tomorrow here now.

500 words ish to fill in the gaps in section one.
500 words ish to fill in the gaps in section two.
Read through Chapter 2 again and mark up what I think is missing/needs more background etc to make it fit with Chapter 3.

Aim: to have a respectable first draft to print out and give to supervisors by Wednesday morning.

Good going everyone, let's do well tomorrow too!


8000 words is very good for a chapter, well done you!

and good luck with your deadline for weds, you are doing so well.

i am feeling tired now. i think i might take a quick power nap like 15mins and then do a couple of more hours.

i really want to get the results section of my chapter done tonight.

so far i have explained 1 table and 1 figure. i have 3 more figures to include and explain.

but since its a full first draft. i think some bits that i dont get i will just leave as pending. better i have a draft of all the chapters, then waste time on one tiny section of one chapter.

those aims sound great, good luck for tommorow CeCE


didnt take a nap, forced myself to work till 1am.

didnt finish the results section of the chapter, like i was aiming for, i have about 1/3 left.

i did approximately 2000 words.
1 table, and 2 figures.

see you peeps tommorow!


Anthropologa - how did you get on today?


hi everyone!
I just bought this book a couple of days ago, can I join in your daily accountability forum?
I have a year left to submit. Do u guys think its too late for me to be freethinking chapters?


ABD in American Phd Studies reflects the completion of all required coursework, of which there is plenty, and other requirements, so that "all" that is left is doing the dissertation ( thesis if you are doing a UK PhD, some piece of writing).


HI guys - I'll write back more tomorrow. But I just got in, late, and my internet hasn't been working for all today. Living in Argentina. Sigh. Can't wait to catch up with you all about work. Bye for now!


Hi guys, Although I haven't started my PhD formally, I am working on a writing project (one chapter) with my supervisor already. A good appetizer for a PhD! Right? I guess it is the same principle to writing up part of a PhD. Actually it tastes very sour at the moment as the writing process appears quite draining to me. I found what's most difficult is motivation. I have read the book (write 15 minutes a day) as well. It encourages me to start with a low aiming. It worked in someway, but I found myself frightened and reluctant to read what I have written (think it is rubbish). I don't know what's the problem with me.


morning folks!

lol you guys are so cute, i feel like the JB book is sort of like a prerequisite for joining the ABD club lol like it's part of the syllabus haha.
i think one day, I will write her a letter to say thanks for writing such a great book.

liminalplace - nice to see you in this thread! you most definately can join up! like Anthropologa said, the more the merrier! a gold star should be awarded for Anthropologa for thinking of this idea :)

and it is NEVER too late for freethinking chapters, it will allow you to extend your imagination and maybe you will find something interesting you did not realise you even knew!


olivia, it's a pleasure to have you join this thread
good luck with your dissertation! you seem like a very free thinking intelligent person, i look forward to hearing about your progress, as a source of inspiration :)

Anthropologa - nice to hear from you! wow Argentina, very exotic
looking forward to hearing about what you have done so far. okay cool catch up tommorow.


Welcome Zylynn!!
I am impressed by your enthusiasm
and another reader of the JB book! great!! :)

i know what you mean, when i used to "freewrite" it would be pages and i didn't want to look at it. but i would go back with my highlighter, and pick out things that did seem interesting.

but here's a suggestion, read through it, and highlight certain bits that you think are good, or you can expand on it. Within the 'primordial soup' of your writing, there will be some hidden gems, some rough diamonds that needs polishing.

if you find you keep repeating the same thing, don't worry just go with it.
just break it up into sections and do a bit by bit.

set your aims
work in little time frames, and report back here with what you have accomplished.


also read this link, olivia told us about the Flowers technique, it really helped me!!
release the madman inside you, and let the judge wait his turn! and even the architect and carpenter.

and refer to page 51 of the Joan Bolker book : the section -"getting to your first draft" to help you wade through your rough freewriting stuff.

she writes "if you have an accumulation of freewriting...turning out a first draft is a matter of finding ways of building on or fleshing out ideas you have already put down in writing."

she then lists strategies like:

"pick out workds..sentences" that are interesting

ask yourself, what point am i trying to say? is this true what i just wrote?


"try writing repeatedly in 5 or 10 mins spurts of freewriting,and answer the qs: "what am i REALLY trying to say in this (paragrah) arguement/chapter/section?" and write it in plain simple even coversational language. doesn't have to be eloquent at this stage. it's always easier to IMPROVE on something.

good luck!


*clocks in*
my aims for today:

complete final first draft of chapter 3:

1. results section of extended study
2. discussion section of extended study

3. results section of pilot study
4. discussion section of pilot study

5. overall conclusion of chapter 3.

6. intro to pilot study
7. intro to extended study


Day 1 Report:

Ayyy! What a day! Doing field work while trying to write can be a nightmare - but enough of the excuses - here's what I accomplished from my list yesterday:

15 min Focused Writing on MT and Technology
1 Fieldwork Entry (Not the 2 I had aimed for!)
and in all honesty - only about 5 MIN focused outline for Conference Paper - then I realized I owed my advisor something, switched gears, yada yada yada

Not a great start, but on the plus side got some great field work in yesterday. Thanks for helping to keep me on track!

I'll post my goals for today in a separate post!