additional income for PhD students


i'd like to know of opportunities available for earning additional income for PhD students.having earned close to 2000 pounds monthly in d last 1 year since bagging my MSc & about to commence my PhD,d prospect of relying only on d monthly stipends paid as part of phd funding wt a new wife to care for, seems frightening


The obvious one depending on your PhD area is demonstrating to undergrads. I’m doing about 6 hours a week, plus 2/3 hours marking for 15 weeks next academic year and getting over 10 squid an hour for it which should be a boost( although I was never on 2 grand an month after my masters I too have returned to a PhD after working for several years, so was in a bit of a panic about how to finance my penchant for M&S deserts.....) Plus it looks good on your CV. If not that maybe the uni will have something else, I know here at mine they have advertised several other jobs admin jobs with flexible hours that would suit a postgrad.


i'd recommend talking to your supervisor. mine said when i started that if i ever needed extra cash he'd find something for me (he is high up in the school though) because he'd rather i worked there than at tesco. i personally think it's just so he can keep a closer eye on me but he says it's so that i'm not pressurised into working more hours than i can manage.

however, i am ignoring my sup as i need some practical experience outside of research!


Depending on where your funding comes from, there may be a limit on the number of hours you can work. With my ESRC award, I can do a maximum of 6.

My supervisor has asked me if I want to take some of his seminars. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for teaching/marking.


oo, also, at my uni there is an internal temping agency. go for it!

my dad on the other hand did long distance lorry driving at the weekend or nights (not when he was doing a phd but msc). pays really good and your brain gets to relax in comparison to reading non stop etc during the day.


Obviously I meant 6 per week....


lots of good advice here, i think taking advantage of opportunities within d uni envt. would be most appropriate. tnx all


This may sound like a stupid question, but are studentships taxed? Also do the amount of hours you can work outside the lab depend on the source of the research award?


No studentships are not taxed. With re to working extra hours aim for no more than 6 per week or a sum total of 150 hours per semester. That's generally what's recommended and healthy.


but then, can doctoral research ever be healthy? It nearly drove me off the edge and others too. In general terms, work only if you REALLY do need the extra cash, otherwise try to focus on the PhD. Because, the earlier it's over, the healthier for your health.


And what's the "d" instead of "the" all about? Get rid of that, if you can.


I tend to agree with the 'd' business. Not a good habit to get into. Makes you look a bit juvenile if anything. Absolutely no offense intended.