Ahhh!!! Major balls up!!


Ok- I recieved an email this morning from an author whose book I wrote a book review about. Which is really good- he wants me to email me a copy of the review, as he can't get hold of it.

Which got me thinking...if he hasn't got the book review how does he know my name, and more importantly my email address?

I then had a look on amazon, and discovered that my name is there under the review section of the synopsis. I was slightly amazed at my name being on amazon, and wanted to email the link to my boyfriend...but i mistakenly replied to the email that the author had sent to me with the link.

Ahhhhhhh!!! I am so embarressed!! What do i do?

A) Ignore it, pretend it never happened
B) Send an email saying please ignore previous email and some lame excuse!

The only thing I have to be thankful for is that it is just a link and i didn't write anything else in the email! Please help!!!!

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You could send an additional email asking "Is this the book?? as I review many books".


Hehe Pete, sounds like you've done that before ;-)

Seriously, why worry as long as it was just the link and not a message like 'hey, just got an email from the dork who wrote that book but didn't have a clue. How do I politely tell him its rubbish?' Or something.


Yeah it was just a link...I am going to follow it up pronto with a proper email with the book review saying thanks for the email and i liked the book...hopefully he will just ignore the first email!

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Quote From thecoastman:

Hehe Pete, sounds like you've done that before ;-)

Seriously, why worry as long as it was just the link and not a message like 'hey, just got an email from the dork who wrote that book but didn't have a clue. How do I politely tell him its rubbish?' Or something.

Just tell him your glad he is reviewing it and that you will keep an eye out for it in the near future....;-)


Yeah don't worry about it.. It could have been worse like mentioning private stuff intended for your boyfriend!

Best thing to do is send him an email containing the review and just apologise to the guy for the previous email saying you emailed him the link by mistake.

A few years ago the person I was dating was next to my dad in my mobile phone book and I once messaged him something I shouldn't by mistake.. That was very embarassing!


Our email system has a feature where you can retract an email if it's not been opened. I dunno how well i works though. I have a feeling it leaves a message for them saying "this email has been retracted" which just highlights the fact you've done somthing silly!

I think you can get away with your mistake. Blame it on the computer!


A story for you guys.

When I was back in my country, I had a professor who was urrrgh a horror. He was nice to people on the face, but anyway this was when I was particularly sick of him. I wrote a text to my dad, about how horrid he was and related stuff I was discussing earlier with my dad, and instead of sending it to my dad, I sent it to the professor.

Okay then comes the worse bit. I wrote a text to the professor saying it was my friend who played a trick on me with my cell (can u imagine a lamer excuse?!?!?!). No reply. Then I was so sad, I wrote a text to my best friend recounting the whole story and how I'd made up this little story of my friend played a trick on me...AND...hang on...I sent that text to my professor instead of my best friend.


1. he raged. Ranted.
2. I left the uni.
3. Left the country.
4. Left the continent.
5. Am doing fantastically well for myself.

But I shiver at the thought of what happened.

I have done worse. i have emailed my teacher with an email about another friends boyfriend problems (extremely personal stuff).

I am very bad with technology, especially when I am happy or sad or angry.

Now, think, is your situation worse than mine?? hahahhah!!!:p


By the way just a clarification, I didnt leave the uni or country cos of this incident, my post looked that way LOL!

By the way, the text I sent to my prof was on these lines:

hi dad, Prof XYX called again. He is *pathetic*. I mean, he is always trying to ask this studnet for this favour another one for another favour, really, like I was saying yesterday...I am sick of him...anyway, when u meeting us this evening?"


lol @ phdbug!

Sillybilly, I would reply to him saying sorry but you had a malfunction with your email and sent it before you had finished. Then say, just to check that this is the book?


PhdBug - just wanted to say that your story made my day!! Sorry! :-) I once emailed a whole list of people at work (including my boss) asking them is they wanted to come to a party. Another colleague replied to my email saying "she'd love to come but not if that ****er of our boss was going to be there". Of course, she clicked "reply all" instead of just "reply". And then she tried to blame me for her technical incompetence!!!:-)


Well...I tested the recall function in outloook using my hotmail account and it just sends another message saying that this has been recalled!?! I just ignored it in the end, and pretended it didn't happen. I have sent another email with the review attached. I suppose if he brings it up i can explain it away with some technical malfunction thing, but i doubt it will.

Thanks for all your stories guys, they have made me feel much better about it and at least it was only a link to the book on amazon after all!!


Just thought id update, he's replied to my email so obviously just ignored the first mistake one! He did get very defensive about some of the stuff i wrote in my book review, but i still maintain that it is a good and fair review.