Aiming to finish off by 31st December! Is there anyone else?


Hi folks,

I can't believe it is a month since I started this thread. Time flies like an arrow. Anyway, back to business: on the positive side, I have gathered decent results with my simulations and I am extremely happy about it. On the negative side, I still have the experimental part to be sorted out which I am going to discuss with my supervisors on Friday. Fingers and toes crossed :-)

How are you all getting on? Hope all is well :-)



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Hi all, a little note about what's happening with me:

I completed 5 of my simulations and compared with the analytical calculations and they seem to be decent.
Done with the analysis and emailed the results to my supervisors.
Had a brief conversion with my primary supervisor about what I have been doing.
I am involved in another PhD student's work too and I taught him some stuff.

I had a meeting scheduled for tomorrow but it is postponed to Monday which means I have the week end to get some more results to be put together :-)

I am happy :-) Now going home to do some cooking/relaxing. I will be back to work after dinner. See ya.


Hi everyone,

Hope all is well :-) I have been working really hard since last week and things seem to turn up positive and all my simulations are running ok :-) I have a meeting with my supervisors tomorrow for which I will be putting the results together.



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Hi all, Hope everything is going on ok for everyone :-) I have managed to do quite a lot for work in the last two days. My simulations are working without much problems these days and I have been putting all the results together and writing up as well. Still a long way to go but things are streamlined now because of which I am feeling much better! The meeting with my supervisors went well, we discussed about two potential papers :-)



Hi Cindrella,

I'm happy that your simulations have worked out already. That's great. (up):-) You've shown that things do get better and one can bounce back after being in a difficult situation. That's very inspiring. :-)

I am still reading more papers/ books as there are still a lot of things that I don't fully understand, therefore I still can't start to formulate my problem/ solution yet. It's difficult because there is no one here that I can ask/ discuss with/ refer to- I feel so lost. But, I have emailed some authors and I am now waiting for their replies. I'm getting more worried because the reading has taken much longer than I planned and I am behind schedule now. Sorry for polluting your thread with this negative post.

Have a nice weekend. :-)(turkey)


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Hi Huhu, Thanks a lot :-) As you have rightly mentioned, it is definitely possible to come out of limbo land. Its nice that you have been reading a lot. I wish you all the very best for you to have the Eureka moment soon :-) That's very wise of you to email the authors to ask for suggestions. I am sorry that you don't have anyone to discuss with about your problems and possible solutions. But one thing is the success of your PhD credit is going to be entirely yours :-) (up)

No worries at all, please feel free to use this thread as an outlet. After all, all of us are here to support each other!




Hi all, Can't believe that I submitted the last analysis chapter ! Now, only conclusion chapter and corrections on the rest of the chapters left. From tomorrow, will start conclusion chapter. Looking forward for the suggestions...


Well done, Swetcha! You are a HERO 8-) All the best for the corrections and the conclusions chapter (up)


Thanks Cindrella, good to know about yr progress too. It is very important for us to be motivated at this juncture ! Hope, we will meet our December target.


Thanks, Swetcha, Absolutely!! Motivation and positive thinking is what exactly we all need :-)

I have written 3000 words in my first main chapter, still 7000 words to go. This is pretty much a rough draft which doesn't look great but thought it would be good to get started and sculpt along as I go on.

My second computer (linux) died yesterday :-( (it was a very old CPU which was rescued and have been using it for the last one year and a half almost), have got back up of all stuff phew.....but it means that I need find another CPU and reinstall all the programs which is very annoying!

I have been having issues with my simulations again, come on....why can't they just work??? This is driving me nuts, so I have decided to take tomorrow off from working, instead I will be just writing my thesis. I am totally drained and knackered :-( Last week I was so happy and productive as everything was working fine, no issues at all, but this week hasn't been good until now, anyway will wait and see what happens. I will be technically completing my third year in 2 days because of which I have butterflies flying in my stomach. I really need to hold myself up and plough on!!!


Hi Cindrella, Hope this week goes well and all your experiments work fine. I liked your approach of switching to writing - I am sure you will feel good to have tangible output. Good luck for your writing. Yeah, I am also completing third yr in 2 days. I can understand what you feel. Two months back I thought I would collapse and would never be able to completely rewrite the entire analysis chapters. But, I could submit 4 analysis chapters (around 45,000 words) to sups. I feel much relief but feeling bit tired now. Anyway, we have to maintain our energy - my target is to submit first draft by December last. Swetch


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Wow, Swetcha, that's impressive and inspiring! I can imagine how relieved you must be feeling now after submitting all the chapters :-) Great!!

Thanks for your wishes, and luckily I got the PC replaced and it was some other component which failed - the IT guy managed to rescue the hard disk and I have it back on my desk. I am doing data collection and writing simultaneously which is very tiring but it is alright. I'll keep going :-)


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Hi all, I'm sorry I haven't posted here in a while. My brother has had an accident couple of weeks ago and survived a head injury. He is alright now but it has been a difficult time for my whole family, especially for me and my sister as both of us are thousands of miles away from home.

Anyway, I am close to completing my first main chapter and will be finishing by this week end and will send it off for corrections to my supervisors. I need to write a small article for a journal news magazine and send it by today. I hope all are doing well :)


So sorry to hear of your brother's accident Cindrella but good to hear he is okay. It must be really tough to be so far away from family at a time like this.