Am I the only one working on a Saturday??


Do people usually take weekends off? Unless I have something arranged I just work seven days a week to make up the hours for a normal working week.


Nope, I'm working too. I tend to work everyday, although whether I actually produce written work or not is another matter.


I'm working too... Just boiling the kettle if anyone fancies a cuppa?!


I'm working too... I do have quite a few weekends off but I've got a deadline on Monday. Milk, no sugar please Jayney.


I just made myself the most horrible cup of instant coffee ever. How is this possible? Instant coffee just *is*. You can't get it wrong. Hmmm.


I have just messed up my cup of tea!! The phone rang, and the teabag was left in the cup! It now tastes over stewed and disgusting!!! Oh well had better make another one!! I need my caffeine!! Had a slow day today, only doing 2 hours work but am hoping for a better day tomorrow! Hope everyone else's Saturday is going a lot better!!


I'm really into what I'm doing at the moment but want a cuppa so if someone else makes it I can offer mini choc muffins or choc krispie cakes in exchange!


There's one here for you pamw. all of the above in exchange please!


I'm in work too, got a whole load of gene expression data that I'm just too excited to leave!


I'm very miffed because I am on 7500 words already for an 8000 word chapter and have about another 1500 at least to go. I hate writing 'empty words' that will be seriously edited later.



Just gonna take the dog, then I'm going to get down to the first bit of reading of the day, however I am feeling rather pleased with myself as I have put loads of stuff into files for each chapter instead of having it in heaps- yet to read it all, but at least I know where it is now-, um... except for the pile in the garage of course (!), so feel a break is deserved - Will get tea when daughter returns from shopping, with bikkies I hope!


I am working as well, and have been very productive! And enjoyed a very large cup of filter coffee to help me work. I find it nearly impossible to study without something to eat or drink at hand, even if its just a glass of water.

In my experience, instant coffee is but will do if you must have coffee and caffeine, and there are no other options. Some instant coffee is truly worse than others, though, you can get foul bitter tasting stuff...

One thing I miss is the standard ( American) coffee maker--the thing that makes filter coffee


its the norm in US offices, universities, etc, with it usually being cost free to get a cup of the stuff, I suppose its the American equivalent of boiling up ( because we don't generally use electric kettles, but we do rely on filter coffee being freely available--hah, I suppose in all senses of the word free--)and I am easily addicted to having that filter coffee at hand all the time. Although nothing I suppose prevents me from having my own filter machine to make this when I want !


nice to see other people working on this beautiful saturday. i did an hour or so in the morning, then had lunch, then took a nap! ooops so much for me being productive. my weekends are always very unproductive! heck my weekdays aren't that much better


I didn't actually get up till lunchtime but have been working solidly since then. I'm going to get something to eat now and will probably do some more work until 9.30pm when I am going to watch Bridget Jones's diary. Even though I am a workaholic geek of a PhD student, I'm not a sad singleton, so I have something to be thankful about. (No offence to anybody who is single - I am refering to the Bridget Jones type)