another successful viva :)


Thought I'd share the good news... I had my viva yesterday and passed with minor corrections :-x

It lasted an hour and 15 mins, and although I was terrified beforehand, when I sat down at the table and they asked the first question - 'what is the main contribution of your thesis', I became calmer and from then it went quite smoothly. The examiners were really nice about the thesis so that made it easier, as well as the fact that they told me straightaway at the beginning that I'd passed with minor corrections, although to be honest, the tension was still there and I still defended the thesis thoroughly as if my life depended on it! I'm still in shock I think, and will need quite a while to let it sink in. And I finally got to say the words 'It was worth it'. Godspeed for the time you can say it too.

So thank you to the forum and members for their words of wisdom, advice and support - not necessarily directed to me, but reading these threads and conversations for all this time really helped anyway ,-) the ones that stick out for me were thecoastman, piglet, lara, olivia, O.Stoll (where did he go? He always had something contentious to say but I enjoyed his posts so much!) fluffymonster, golfpro, chrisrolinski... so thanks xx



Good for you, that is absolutely fabulous news! Another successful viva, how wonderful to let us all know, helps the rest of us soldier on knowing that there are passes all round.
Well done you!!!!(up)(up)(up)(up)(up)


Great news. Congratulations. My turn after Christmas (I hope)


Fantastic news - Congratulations!!!! :-) Its always so nice to hear of people coming out the other side, thanks for giving us that boost that this really can be done 8-)


Congratulations - minor corrections -fantastic! :-)(up) Have a great break over Christmas!


Congratulations (up) Great News



Well Done (up)


Congrats, that's ace news :-)


Wow, really quick. Congratulations Dr!


that is great! congratulation to u! u have made the journey!(up). btw, i'm new at this forum... any words of advice?


Congratulations! Nice of your examiners to attempt to alleviate your worries by telling you that you'd passed too!


Congratulations! I'm sure you will have a lovely carefree Christmas this year, with no feelings of guilt about partying too much!!...:-x


why there is no me in your acknowledge list?
but congratulations anyway:-)


Yay, great news


Aww thanks Eppi, and so happy to hear you did so well! well done !! :-) it's nice to hear a nice viva story /experience. well done you!!