So, after 4 long and often arduous years, I've finally finished my thesis. It feels odd.

I thought I'd never feel ready to submit. A friend who's a few months ahead in the whole process told me when I started fiddling rather than making useful changes then it was time to hand it in. Turns out they were right. I got to the stage where I just kept checking it and making small, unimportant changes here and there, and I realised that it was done.

I thought I'd feel a massive sense of relief and elation, but instead I don't know what to do with myself now and it all feels a bit anti-climactic. I think the gap between now and my viva is going to leave me in limbo a bit.

I'm sure once I've been out a celebrated properly at the weekend with friends it will feel a bit more real and a bit more of an occasion.

Is this normal, did others feel like this after submitting?


I felt quite unreal after submitting. Yes there was relief, not least because I'd submitted within my university's absolute deadline (barring official extensions) for part-timers of 6 years. That deadline had been hanging over me rather like a cloud so it was nice to beat it, by quite a few weeks.

But I didn't feel like celebrating. I remember buying a small bottle of champagne, but not feeling quite like celebrating because things weren't over yet.

I took a couple of weeks off after submitting before even thinking about the viva. My viva was 7 weeks after submission, and I don't think I'd have wanted to prepare too far ahead, or I'd be likely to forget more things.

So maybe give yourself a bit of breathing space to recover. I certainly needed it after the final push for submission.


Well done AmyP! Despite the anti-climax, it's still an enormous achievement. Hope you are able to enjoy the occasion soon. (up)


Thanks, sounds like good advice. A bit of time away from the thesis is probably just what I need.

I'm hoping I'll feel like celebrating by the weekend ;-)


I know exactly what you mean! I found it really strange to adjust - just had been so used to having it constantly in the background and it was such a huge anti-climax. No fanfare, no celebration, just hand it in and went to work the next day.

And yes, I felt ready to party the weekend, so it'll come to you! But what you are feeling is quite normal.