Any idea about PhD interview?


I sincerely want to o a PhD in environmental sciences, I applied to a studentship advertised in my former MSc School. I have been invited for a telephone interview, and I am glad and excited about it. However, I have never had a telephone interview before, guys, what do you think? Any idea on the directions it might go? Would my response(s) make or mar me? I got a distinction in my MSc and my supervisor gave me a very strong reference, will these give me an edge?


I had one and it was pretty informal: she asked me what I was particularly interested in, what my research objectives were, why I was doing a PhD and why I chose this institution. I didn't think that any thing I said sounded particularly impressive, and I remember feeling a bit deflated. BUT, I got in. I'm sure it will go well, you have the grades and references behind you. Good luck!