any tips?

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I have to do a presentation for a job (as well as an interview) - Its supposed to be about how I can impact research and teaching at university X.

Its 15 mins long.

I don't know what to put in it



C'mon Sneaks, it's just 10 slides. I've got some ideas, is there a star in it for me?

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I've just awarded you a star :-)

I guess I'm having trouble with a) do I do it about my PhD - which takes a good 10 mins to explain the 3 studies. or b) do i very breifly explain the studies, but concentrate on ALL the research I've done? e.g. my RA position was looking at something they have a lot of interest in etc etc and also teaching (I got the impression from the ad, they wanted more teaching than research).

My problem is I don't want to be all "oh I'm SOOOOO great at this...."


I would look more strategically so rather than talking about detail I would look at their research and teaching strategy (if you can get a copy - if not look at any uni you can find as they are pretty similar - high quality, student experience, active learning, learning styles etc) and then talk about what you can / will do to meet their objectives - that is twofold - it demonstrates what you can do but (as important) shows you ahve done some research on them and have tried to address their priorities rather than ujust cutting an pasting some generic stuff.

I really wouldn't go beyond a brief overview of your existing research - they will probably ask about that in the interview. I might have done one for an interveiw a couple of years ago so could dig that out.

Good Luck

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Well my plan so far is..

Slide one (after title etc.) is overview of me e.g. brief career history
Slide 2-5 = research, 2 slides for PhD, and 2 for other projects (Which I've seen are related to theirs)
Slide 6= what research skills I have from these experiences (e.g. qualitative, quantitative etc etc)
Slide 7 = publications - and dates so they go in for the next REF(need to fnd this all out!)
Slide 8 = teaching experience
SLide 9 = what teaching skills i have gained and what my style is e.g. talk about learning styles here..
slide 10 = consultancy work.


Or maybe I should start off with teaching, as my research side is stronger and my publications are looking good - so I could end on a high point, rather than a ''


Hi Sneaks.

Have you mentioned any collaborative activities in your slides ? A prof was recently talking about the importance of peer to peer work - social capital and all that - and the greater impact that this work can have.

as for order, start strong, finish strong omitting as far as you can what they may already know ie you can do a PhD. Unless of course you did yours differently.

humour is always good, a funny story as you're setting up your presentation often works - so its not part of it.. you're not trying to be funny, you're just putting all at ease.

all the best with the presentation - please let us know how you get on. Regards. Chuff


Hi Sneaks

I'd focus on skills, what you have learnt, transferability etc and use the phd / research /experience to back up what you are saying, rather than the other way round. I think (from my days in industry when I interviewed grads and qualified professionals) that it is a more sophisticated approach and might make you stand out. Don't forget they have seen your application which will ahve details of your PhD and publications on it. I see the presentation as a way of demonstrating skills that are harder to communicate on paper rather than as a way of repeating what you have already told them.

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thanks for the advice. I'm just trying to think of what skills I've got lol. Not many! I'm thinking of just talking about the things I feel were glossed over in my last 2 interviews (where I was unsuccessful at different unis) to make sure I really hammer them home.

Luckily I did my undergrad at the uni in a different department, but my hubs is doing a PhD in the same department, (although in a slightly different area so they probably won't know him) and I have friends there so have been able to get a little bit of background from them. From this, I know they're very concerned about the REF, so I want to make sure I put a slide up about how Iwill contribute to that (hoping other PhDers may forget this)


Good luck Sneaks :D

If there's a teaching element then I'd reccomend checking the most recent results from the national student survey. Then maybe briefly cover any low scores (usually the quality of feedback undergrads feel they get, or don't get) and how you'd address that. I studied the figures for one interview. I didn't get asked about them but when I was given a tour by the HoD afterwards we chatted (and compained) about it.

You'll be fine though :D


Good luck Sneaks! Contrary to what you've said, it sounds like you do know what to put in it. As for your earlier question about teaching (which you consider to be an area in which you have relatively little experience), definitely start with your strengths - it'll set the tone and you can talk about teaching experience in a more positive light. When is this happening? (mince)

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its next week! *shakes in boots*

Thanks for the advice, will look at the student survey. Luckily hubs gets the departmental emails and never deletes anything so may have a snoop through to see what's on their 'agenda' particularly for NSS results type things.

I'm kiind of anticipating a question on the Browne thing - so might prepare a politically correct answer i.e. the impact may be that students may demand more 'service provision' so I'd have to be aware of that, (and drop in here something about wanting to do the PGCHE thingy) but its a careful balance of independent learning and lecturer support ...blah blah.

Something which has taken the pressure off - sup has given me a part time RA role until april next year :D Although if I got this role she'd be fine with it. I think she's doing it as more of a favour than actually needing someone in. :$

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On a slide, would you put what your degree class was?

I want to have a very brief 'about me' slide which gives my career history - just to provide a bit of background and break the ice/make me more confident! But would I add (1st) etc. to the end of the degree title - or is that a bit 'up myself' lol??


Personally I wouldn't put my degree classification on a slide - they have got your application and so detail like that would be there. I'm not sure I would even do an "about me" biog slide at all. I think it is wasting time repeating info they already have had and cuts short the amount of time available to focus on addressing the specific question. I don't think it adds anything and 15 minutes really isn't long.

What I would do is give them a handout with the slides on (6 to a page or somehting) and if you realy want to put a biog slide on you could add it in there.

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yeah I was thinking this. Although they haven't told me how many people will be there - it could be 2 or 200! and I swear the last interview I went to they'd never even looked at my CV. Unfortunately this only dawned on me half way through the interview - I should have just repeated everything I said on it, rather than assumed they'd looked!

I'm having difficulty with their research aims - they have general 'we do high quality research' but nothing specific (and I've logged in to their 'secret' pages with hubby's password). I'm a bit scared to say "as you have an emphasis on xyz, I can contribute to this because I have abackground in xyz" because I know - with my current uni, all of the website stuff is rubbish and if someone said that in a presentation we' d all say "do we have an emphasis on xyz!???"


hi sneaks!
gosh I dont know what tips to tell you; I have never done this before :-)
but you'll do fine this I'm sure! when is this?

good luck for it
post back and tell us how it went
love satchi